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Shared Hosting vs VDS from an eCommerce Perspective

Shared Hosting vs VDS for Ecommerce

Shared hosting and VDS hosting, also known as VPS hosting, are two of the most commonly used hosting types in existence. These hosting plans are perfect for eCommerce because they’re affordable yet useful enough to host an online business with. While they are both affordable, there are some very big differences between the two. The following information should help you decide whether shared hosting or VDS hosting is right for your eCommerce website.


In the world of eCommerce time is literally money. For every second that your site is offline is a potentially lost customer. Thus it is extremely important to ensure the reliability and continuity of your website at all times. Shared hosting accounts are seen as being somewhat unreliable, because the server has to be reset much more than other servers. This is because there are so many websites using the same server, so the data begins to become cluttered. It is also difficult to control the amount of traffic that hits a shared server at any given point in time. When the server is overloaded with traffic it can shut down automatically, causing all of the sites on the server to go down! A VDS does not have this problem because each site has its own virtual dedicated server. Thus a VDS is generally more reliable than a shared hosting account.

Server Resources

The shared hosting environment is ultimately what makes shared hosting plans so affordable, but it is also the reason why they lack power. Instead of having the power of an entire web server, your eCommerce site will only have access to a small portion of a server at any given time. Server resources are crucial to large eCommerce sites that have hundreds of product pictures and high daily traffic levels. The more traffic your site gets, the more server resources you’ll need. With a VDS you’ll have just about all the power you need to keep your site operating smoothly.

Tools and Compatibility

The most important part of the eCommerce process is closing the sale. To do this you need to bridge the gap between your customer’s funds and your merchant account, bank account or PayPal account. The best way to do this is through merchant services. Luckily there are many shared and VDS hosting accounts that come with all of the payment processing and shopping cart tools needed to operate an online store. The main difference between shared and VDS in this regard is the amount of compatibility that the web server has with certain eCommerce tools. Many shared web servers will not grant you access to install certain software on your computer, and there is more software that can be installed on a VDS server. In general you have more control over the server-side of your online business with a Virtual Dedicated Server.


In the web hosting industry, the best hosting accounts are dedicated hosting accounts. Unfortunately many people can’t afford dedicated hosting. However a virtual dedicated server is definitely the next best option. Shared hosting accounts should not be used for large eCommerce websites. Instead a VDS/VPS server is always recommended.

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