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Shared Hosting vs VDS

Shared Hosting vs VDS

Shared hosting and VDS hosting differ greatly in their limitations and capabilities, and each hosting type is suitable for a different caliber of webmaster. While shared hosting may be better for novice webmasters with minimal needs, VDS hosting is geared towards professional online business owners. To understand the full differences between the two hosting types, refer to the following information.


When it comes to pricing there are no plans cheaper than a shared hosting plan. Depending upon the service provider shared hosting plans can cost from $5-$15 per month. There are also different classes of shared hosting, and all shared hosting plans are not equal. VDS hosting, also known as VPS hosting, while not as cheap as shared hosting in general is still quite affordable. Starting at only about $10 to $15 per month it is possible to find a good VDS plan within a reasonable price range.

Support and Security

The support offered with both web hosting plans depend entirely upon the company that is offering the plan. However a good rule of thumb is that the more expensive plans usually come with better support. Companies like HostGator, and IXWebHosting are known for having excellent 24 hour support service for both VDS and shared hosting plans. When comparing the support and customer service between the two plans within the same company there are usually minimal differences, with the priority being in favor of the VDS customers occasionally.

Web Hosting Features

Shared hosting accounts offer all of the features needed to operate a basic web site, such as a free domain name, a control panel, email accounts, FTP accounts and unlimited bandwidth. However, these features are generally limited because of the structure of the server itself. VDS plans on the other hand have much more to offer because the servers are not shared by hundreds of websites. A VDS plan comes with all of the aforementioned features that one would expect to find in a shared hosting account, but these features are generally more bountiful. While the exact feature set depends entirely upon the exact plan and the hosting provider, in general VDS plans have more to offer.


Shared hosting accounts are some of the most unreliable hosting accounts in the industry in comparison to other plans. This is because the server can be put under a lot of stress very quickly by all of the web sites that are using it simultaneously. A single traffic surge on several websites at one point in time is enough to bring down the server for 15 minutes to an hour. The shared hosting environment is geared towards affordability, not reliability. Nonetheless, a good hosting company can keep shared servers online for 99 percent of the time. A VDS server on the other hand can be controlled and configured by the site owner, so the performance and reliability of the service is generally much higher.


A shared hosting account is only recommended for novice website owners or personal bloggers. If you operate a professional online business then a VDS hosting account would be ideal in comparison to the majority of shared hosting plans available on the market today. Regardless of the plan you pick it is always wise to choose a reliable hosting company that has many good reviews online.

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