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Starting Your Own Web Hosting Business

Starting Your Own Web Hosting Business

Web hosting is a very lucrative industry but getting started is quite expensive. For example, you have to pay for the server hardware and internet connection among other costly components. The most expensive aspect of the entire web hosting operation is the data center itself. Most can’t afford to lease a data center let alone buy one. In addition, the facility must have multiple redundant systems throughout in order to ensure the great performance and consistent availability the customers need to be successful. When looking at it from a cost perspective, starting your own web hosting business doesn’t appear exceedingly attractive. However, there is a way to reap the benefits of this prosperous market. This solution is reseller hosting.

Why Reselling?

Reseller hosting is the perfect alternative to the costly aspects of acquiring and maintaining a state of the art data center. Rather than purchasing hardware and trying to find a facility to run your business out of, all you have to do is buy an account for a fixed fee and enjoy many of the same advantages that come along with having your own web hosting business. When signing up with the right company, some of the advantages include:


A good reseller hosting solution allows you to run your business in a transparent manner. This essentially means that you can resell hosting packages without your customers ever discovering that you are working through another company. Therefore, while the parent company handles the technical aspects and does all the hard work, you can simply focus on running your business. In addition to complete transparency, you also have the ability to sell accounts under your own brand name and charge customers the prices you desire.


With a reseller account, you can maintain all the vital aspects of your hosting business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This high level of control is all made possible through powerful control panel software. The industry-leading applications allow you to instantly create new hosting accounts, suspend accounts, monitor bandwidth usage and more, all in real-time. Sign up with the right hosting provider and you will never have to wait for them to do anything.

World-Class Data Center

Perhaps the greatest advantage of reseller hosting is that you get the backing of world-class data center and network infrastructure. Respectable providers run their businesses out of facilities equipped high-performance servers, sophisticated routing equipment, advanced security mechanisms and all the technologies needed to ensure a seamless operation. This in turn, gives you the ability to provide your customers with a highly reliable service.

If you have the financial resources and manpower to invest in your own data center, by all means you should embark upon your new endeavor. If not, the best alternative would be purchasing a reseller account. This niche has become incredibly popular in recent times so there are numerous companies that can provide the service. The key is to find one with a good data center of its own that enables you to deliver the best possible service to your customers.

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