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Web Hosting – Primary Points to Consider

If you are not already familiar with web hosting, then you may feel as if the companies you talk to are speaking a foreign language. There are several points to consider when selecting a web host which will ensure your success and overall happiness.

Availability (Uptime) – Many people use the words availability and uptime interchangeably. The two words mean the same thing: the amount of time in a 24 hours period that the site will available to Internet users. You want a web hosting company that can provide as much availability as possible. Any downtown which your web site may experience could cost you significantly, in both lost sales and advertising revenue. Ideally, you want a site that is available over 99 percent of the time. IX WebHosting, Dot5Hosting, PowWeb, ServerPronto, HostGator, and BlueHost are web hosting companies that have some of the best availability on the market. You should contact reputable hosting providers such as these first to ensure that your website will be available when your customers need it.

Disk Space – Disk space is the amount of space that a web hosting company provides for you to access on their server. Websites are generally small because they are essentially just text files that are interpreted through your browser. However, once you start adding pictures, audio or video they can start taking up a lot of space. In order to have a website that appeals to your customers, you will need a large volume of disk space so that you may truly enhance your website without limitation. In order to avoid any problems with disk space, you should choose a company that offers a plethora of storage. PowWeb, IX WebHosting, iPowerWeb, Dot5Hosting, BlueHost, and HostMonster all offer their customers 300 GB of disk space. Unless you have a very large website, this is more than enough disk space to successfully run a business or personal home page. If you go over your allotted disk space the charge for additional storage can easily double or triple your monthly bill. For this reason, rather than worrying about having to purchase additional disk space at exuberant rates, you should always choose a company that gives you a package which includes all of the disk space you need.

Setup Fee – While monthly rates usually have the biggest impact on the amount of money that you pay a company for hosting your website, you should also pay attention to any setup fees which are not included. Some companies charge high setup fees, while others do not have fees at all. HostMonster and BlueHost, for instance, do not charge their customers setup fees.

By learning to look for key points in selecting a web host you will be able to converse with the web hosting companies that you contact, and ask the questions that will allow you to truly compare apples to apples. Those that are unfamiliar with these key points are at a disadvantage when they contact web hosting companies. Learning them can help you get what you need and avoid being taken advantage of.

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22nd January 2008
Posted by Web Hosting Consultant in Best Web Hosting Tips

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