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FatCow VS. IX Web Hosting

FatCow VS. IX Web Hosting

The web hosting wars are in full swing as hundreds to thousands of companies are competing for your business. You will find IX Web Hosting in many web hosting charts and paired up with a variety of competitors. How does this highly touted professional hosting company match up against FatCow? Let’s find out.

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In regard to price, IX Web Hosting has the advantage with plans as low as $3.95 per month while FatCow’s current promotion is $6.50 $4.83 per month with this MBRW Moopon. Neither company will surprise you with any hidden fees or charges for setting up your account.

Products and Services

IX Web Hosting and FatCow both specialize in web hosting and other services as well. Aside from its three web hosting plans, IX Web Hosting also offers web design, SSL certificates, a merchant account and gateway, an e-chat service for enhanced customer relations and E-commerce SpamGuard which keeps your inbox free of potentially harmful messages. FatCow has similar offerings in addition to website management and scripting add-ons. Both offer additional services that aid in marketing your site.

Web Hosting Features

The competition gets even fiercer when comparing available features. With FatCow you get all the basics such as unlimited bandwidth and disk space, a free site builder and unlimited email accounts. There is also a unique newsletter management tool as well as an application installer that allows you to incorporate programs such as WordPress, Gbook and Joomla. IX Web Hosting also has an impressive lineup of features as it provides server side includes, multimedia streaming support and many of the same programs offered free by FatCow. IX Web Hosting has the advantage with its offering of a dedicated IP address while FatCow regains steam with its new integrated search and web management tools.

Customer Service

Above of all, quality support is the bread and butter for any web hosting company. If you can’t get in touch with the professionals behind the scenes, a low price and features doesn’t amount to anything. Both of these companies take care of you in this department by providing customer support around the clock. You can contact the experts of either company via toll-free phone, email or live chat. Both offer a plethora of self-help resources including tutorials, FAQs and knowledge bases. Furthermore, both providers offer support ticket systems as a means of additional support. Both do a fine job at addressing technical issues as each company is operated by a team of IT experts. These companies appear to be evenly matched in the support department though Fat Cow is said to have a faster response time.


IX Web Hosting and FatCow are both highly regarded in the web hosting industry so choosing a winner is difficult. If you feel that your hosting environment requires a dedicated IP address, go with IX Web Hosting. If you’re looking for integrated search engine marketing tools, FatCow could be the better option. Each solution is well suited for personal or business matters so you really can’t lose.

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