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Top 5 PHP5 Hosts

Top 5 PHP5 Hosts

Originally released over a decade ago, PHP is now the most widely used server-side programming language in the world. The language is giving commercial alternatives a run for their money and becoming more common as a corporate solution. PHP has been useful for years but has gotten even better with version 5. If you’re a savvy developer or webmaster, you will definitely want to check out our top five list of PHP 5 hosts.

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#1 FatCow

FatCow is one of the most popular web hosts on the market and for good reason. This company provides a reliable, easy to use service at a price that is very affordable. In addition, FatCow caters to ambitious developers with PHP 5 and a host of features. Right now, hosting with is as low as $6.50 $4.83 per month with this MBRW Moopon, a bargain deal that gets you a free lifetime domain name, unlimited FTP access and a full library of free software. Built-in search engine tools and world-class support makes this plan attractive to novice and experienced webmasters alike.

Fatcow Hosting Official Site

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#2 InMotion

InMotion Web Hosting

InMotion is a global leader in web hosting solutions and one of the best options for PHP 5 hosting. The company has a wide range of packages available but you can get the latest version of PHP in the Launch plan. Competitively priced at $6.95 a month, this package offers the option of using PHP 4 or PHP 5 as well as MySQL 4 or MySQL 5. These technologies are installed on InMotion’s rock-solid Linux platform, offering the ultimate in stability and performance.

InMotion Hosting Official Site

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#3 PowWeb

If you want to enjoy the power of PHP 5 and save money at the same time, PowWeb is certainly worth looking into. Hosting starts out at just $3.88 a month, offering PHP 5 with the Zend Optimizer, SendMail access and the latest version of Perl as well. The development tools are rich but you also get useful features like unlimited email accounts and webmail along with unlimited disk space and bandwidth. PowWeb gives you a one size fits all package for an incredibly low price.

PowWeb Hosting Official Site

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#4 JustHost

JustHost Review

JustHost has established itself as a major player in the web hosting game and PHP 5 just happens to be a specialty. Hosting starts at only $3.45 a month, offering all the features you need to make an impact. Your account comes with a free domain, unlimited bandwidth and disk space,

a free site builder, multimedia streaming support and numerous add-on programs. Also included is unlimited MySQL databases, a web-based file manager and cPanel for controlling your web hosting environment. With $75 in free advertising credits and an anytime money back guarantee, this just could be the solution for you.

JustHost Official Site

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#5 HostGator


With plans starting from $4.95 a month, HostGator definitely makes a great choice for PHP 5 hosting. Aside from the latest version of PHP, you get support for many other development tools including Perl, Python and Ruby on Rails. Your account comes with unlimited MySQL databases, FrontPage extensions and free software that ranges from phpBB to PHP-Nuke. HostGator provides the latest versions of PHP-based software to ensure you get the best of PHP 5.

HostGator Official Site

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