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WebHostingPad vs. InMotion Hosting

WebHostingPad vs. InMotion

There is no time like the present to start improving the Earth’s environment. To accomplish this it has become popular culture to start making “carbon neutral” efforts, both in personal consumption as well as commercial or industrial. It is no different in service-oriented industries like web hosting.

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WebHostingPad and InMotionHosting have both stepped up to the plate to offer carbon neutrality in their energy consumption efforts. Both have established operation policies that reduce paper in the office, and reduce energy consumption in their data centers. Knowing that a large data center at full capacity can use up enough electricity to light up a small town, reducing energy consumption by 70% is indeed a big effort.

Regardless of how “green” these companies are, how are they at providing quality web hosting services? Read our comparison and recommendation to find out.


InMotion offers a Business Class hosting packages priced at $5.95, $7.95, and $13.95 per month. For those with blogs or personal web sites, a Personal/Cheap hosting package is available for only $3 per month.

WebHostingPad offers only a single plan that goes for as little as $1.99 per month with 5 years prepaid. Even their 12-month plan is less than $4 per month.

Products and Services

Web hosting companies that are at the top of their industry know that hosting service is not enough to make it in the business. That is why both of these companies offer free domain registration for new customers, as well as custom web design for those customers who wish to pay for a quality-designed website. As mentioned, both companies are “green” in their energy consumption.

Both companies offer a money back guarantee, and WebHostingPad also provides a 99.9% uptime guarantee. WebHostingPad also gives their customers generous credits to use toward social media and search engine promotion.

In addition to shared-server hosting, InMotion also offers VPS and dedicated server hosting options as well.

Web Hosting Features

What can you get for such low prices? A lot! Both hosting companies offer plans with unlimited bandwidth, disk space, and supported domains. WebHostingPad also offers unlimited email accounts and MySQL databases.

Both companies provide support for multi-media, script plugins, and e-commerce solutions. Although, InMotion offers a choice of shopping cart software, while WebHostingPad only offers one.

Customer Service

Customer service is essential for retaining web hosting clients. Both hosts offer 24/7 customer support online support desk. However, WebHostingPad takes a lead with 24 hour live support via telephone, chat, email, and even Skype. Both offer suitable online self-help centers filled with article, guides, tutorials, and answers to common questions.


Which one should you choose for your business or personal website? While InMotion offers a personal plan, it compares only in price, but not in features, to the single WebHostingPad plan. You can be sure that with WebHostingPad you get a full range of features for a single low price, and outstanding customer support, including live support 24 hours a day. WebHostingPad takes our recommendation.

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