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Google+: A Hit or Miss?


With Facebook now the center of the internet and inspiring academy award winning movies, Google just had to have an answer. Google’s much hyped social networking service titled Google+ has hit the airwaves and there some mixed reactions to say the least. With Facebook boasting a whopping 750 million members worldwide it was going to be hard from the beginning to compare but Google had to come up with some kind of answer to the social networking conglomerate. As of now Google+ has around just fewer than 50 million members which is obviously nowhere near what a “social” networking site should be. It’s these types of glaringly obvious facts that have people asking, “Is Google+ a Google failure?”

The first point that we need to look at is the amount of users that Google+ has. For much of this article we will obviously be comparing it to Facebook because of its dominance in this industry. Anyway, Google+ has about 50 million users as we said earlier. This would be an impressive number if Facebook didn’t have more than ten times this amount! The entire pint of joining a social networking site is to be social and network. So, what’s the point of joining a site that doesn’t offer you that many people to socialize with? The second thing that really did Google+ in before it even started was the hype and talk about its impending release. Whenever we hear the name Google associated with anything, we expect a quality product and not to mention get a little excited about it. Google+ had garnered a large amount of attention following its announcement and things were looking bright. However, when it finally was released and people realized that it simple didn’t compare to Facebook, it quickly spread through word of mouth and wound up deterring more users than it attracted. The theory spread quickly that Google+ could have been a Google failure.

To even further investigate this claim that Google churned out a flop you have to look at the content that they offer you. They still have everything that you would find in Facebook, but just not the same amount. Sure, they have the same big names in the online gaming world but Facebook offers tons and tons of online games for you to keep you occupied and Google+ once again just doesn’t stack up. Another serious problem with Google+ is the user interface compared to Facebook’s. In general, people like using the same thing they’ve used a million times before and when Google+ tried to introduce a new way to enjoy the social networking experience, people didn’t respond well. It’s not that the interface of Google+ is hard or difficult to understand, it’s just that it doesn’t offer the same simplicity that the public has come to love with Facebook.

When looking at Google+ as a whole, it’s not even a bad product when compared to past Google endeavors. At the end of the day, when there is a product such as Facebook that has monopolized the market the way it has, it’s hard to steal customers away. So, you’ll have to decide for yourself whether or not Google+ is a Google failure.

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    4th November 2011
    Posted by Web Hosting Consultant in tips

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