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How To Choose Hosting For Joomla Website

How to Choose Joomla Hosting

Being one of the most famous CMS or content management systems available on the net, Joomla enables and helps its users to build up some useful and at the same time powerful online applications. Some regard “Joomla” as one of the best ways to manage web content online. With the growing popularity of Joomla, glitches have also surfaced. These are mostly regarding the hosting. Keeping the problems regarding the hosting sites, a few of which will be taken care of in this article, Joomla is fast becoming very popular among professionals and non-professionals equally.

The most frequently asked question regarding Joomla is “How to choose hosting for Joomla website”. It is also the most commonly faced problem by Joomla users all over the world. Some of the more problems are regarding user friendliness and security. To address the question “How to choose hosting for Joomla website” first we have to look at what problems do users generally face regarding “finding hosting websites”. Many providers advertise for free web hosting, but in this case people often miss out line written in fine script. One should always remember that there is always a reason to advertise for free hosting. It can be that the website is trying to promote itself, in this case the user has limited access or there is a condition behind such an offer. Sometimes the websites charge hidden taxes; there is also a possibility of getting scammed. Choosing a hosting website may be of use because trying to install Joomla manually is a time consuming process and one has the possibility of going wrong in many steps, thus it is preferable to use a hosting site that provides a one-click Joomla installer.

The answer to “How to choose hosting for Joomla website” is mainly highlighted on choosing would be safe as security should be the primary concern for people trying to find a host. As mentioned before it is always advisable to avoid free hosting, as there is nothing of that sort. Some way or the other the user has to pay a price, it is better to pay by cash than by work being hampered. Just for a few dollars a month many providers provide fantastic and reliable hosting. Answering the question “How to choose hosting for Joomla website” it is also important to provide the user with a few tricks that will make his business smoother. Choosing “*NIX” is a tricky business, it should be noted that Joomla requires at least MySQL and PHP in order to run. Because MySQL and PHP both run better on LINUX or UNIX servers, it is important to choose a host that provides these options or else the user might face problems later on. Using secure FTP is a must, as without SFTP or secure FTP ones user name and password may be hacked as data travels over the Internet. Thus choose a host that requires secure FTP when transferring files. The answer to “How to choose hosting for Joomla website” cannot put aside “seeking PHP flexibility “. It is very important to choose a host that allows one to use either PHP4 or PHP5.

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