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Is Cloud hosting good for Forums and Webboards?

Cloud Hosting and Forums

The short answer to the question is: Yes! Cloud hosting offers many advantages when compared to other web hosting platforms, especially when factoring reliability, redundancy, and enhanced performance. The unique computing process of cloud hosting lessens the strain on servers and other hardware, which allows for a more balanced hosting experience for your online forum or web board instead of depending on one single server.

What’s Cloud Hosting?

Cloud hosting is a rather involved and to some extent complicated infrastructure to precisely define because the integral cloud computing processing is somewhat hidden from sight in a “cloud” of servers. In basic terms, cloud hosting is an emerging and dynamic hosting environment taking the industry by storm.

By simply pooling together several server resources, cloud hosting companies are able to provide a wealth of cutting-edge technology to clients including data storage, on-demand data sharing, disaster recovery, and software download services. These excellent quality services typically derive from one or more independent servers, without the use of a mainframe computer.

Usually, the precise physical locations of the servers are unknown. This concept is often confusing and misleading when considering a hosting solution because some novice users tend to believe it waters down the quality of services actually delivered; however, the truth is the exact opposite.

Ingeniously pooling together practical resources allows cloud hosting users to build redundancy, which fosters an optimal and reliable hosting environment. Most cloud hosting services offer a 100% hardware redundancy rate and 99.9% network uptime, so clients don’t have to worry about downtime which is detrimental to online ventures, especially real-time discussion forums and webboards.

Cloud Hosting and Forums / Webboards

With a basic understanding of how cloud hosting works within the scope of the discussion, it’s obvious that the hosting platform is the perfect solution for supporting online forums and web board communities which often include features such as: message boards, instant messaging, blogs, mailing lists, and file sharing.

It’s not uncommon for popular forums and webboards to have dozens or often hundreds of users on a website simultaneously, whether reading or replying to comments posted. The same can also be said for online bloggers as well.

A successful website owner featuring online forums, Webboards, or blogs, understands the concept of drawing in potential sale leads or subscribers by posting enticing tidbits, special offers and interesting comments to spark readers’ interest.

Understanding require applying the concept demands a reliable web host that won’t fail them when the conversations start getting’ good; thus potentially bringing in new viewers. Such endeavors require a web hosting service that can accommodate a large volume of bandwidth, support heavy web traffic, and offer scalable pay-as-you grow small business solutions.


Cloud hosting offers a unique delivery method of essential services that adequately, and supersedes the ability to support forums and Webboards. The platform’s ability to share server and hardware resources allow for a balance of web hosting power with 100% redundancy rates and 99.9% network uptime that rarely fails to perform as promised.

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