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Parallels Shows Company Vision in Seven Country Road Trip

Parallels Shows Company Vision in Seven Country Road Trip

What better way for a company to share its vision, its applications, and its services, than to take it on a road trip that spans across seven countries? That’s exactly what Parallels, a virtualization and automation software company, is doing having already stopped in several intended visits.

Showcasing the latest product

As part of the EMEA Partner roadshow, Parallels has already stopped in Stockholm, Amsterdam, Warsaw, and Cologne presenting its latest contribution to hosted control panel programs, Parallels Panel 10 SMB Edition. The product is still in beta stages but is seen to help both cloud and hosting providers in broadening their own services, ramp up profits, and assists IT departments in both small and medium-sized businesses.

Parallels took a different tact when creating this latest piece of software – they requested and received feedback from the product’s users. This helped the company discover what was missing from Plesk (the company’s current non-beta control panel offering,) as well as other features that needed to be included. The result was a program inspired by its users with a bit of simplification built in. This is the kind of software that appeals to potential customers and will help customers increase their own profits.

Parallels Partner Marketplace

One of the key features of Parallels Panel 10 SMB Edition is Parallels Partner Marketplace. With the SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) market on a constant upward growth trend, this beauty of an addition allows service providers quick and easy access to infrastructure software, eCommerce programs, CRM (customer relationship management) programs and services, CMS (content management systems) and more. The list of software providers will continue to grow as Parallels brings more companies into the fold.

Parallels is partnered with 90 percent of those involved in the EMEA as hosts. The ability to resell Parallel’s white label programs is exceedingly popular among European hosts – allowing smaller hosting companies to package products and services provided by Parallel as part of their own services.

Some of the third party partners included already within Parallels Partner Marketplace are Pinnacle Cart, Norton, Interspire, LinuxMagic and KeepIt.

Bold Point Three

Also along for the seven country ride are Tucows (best known for its domain services), its very own reseller service OpenSRS and Unison, a new-comer to the communications provider arena. OpenSRS has been around for some time in the hosting industry in Europe whereas Unison is taking this opportunity to show off its hosting solution as well as get some in-depth knowledge in the needs of the European market. Unison is hoping this tour will improve their presence in Europe as currently they have offices in St. Petersburg and London.

So far the 2009 Parallels Partner roadshow has visited Stockholm (Sept. 1), Amsterdam (Sept. 3), Warsaw (Sept. 7) and Cologne (Sept. 10). There’s still time to register for the events coming up in Paris (Sept. 14), Madrid (Sept. 17) and London (Sept. 21). Registration for the events can be found at Parallels’ EMEA 2009 website.

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