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Google AdWords VS MySpace Ad

Google AdWords VS MySpace Ad

There are many options available when it comes to PPC online advertising. Two of the bigger and more well known businesses one can choose between are Google AdWords and MySpace myAds.

Google AdWords

With Google AdWords, prospective advertising clients can create their own ads and choose their own keywords or phrases to be used. All created ads appear on Google. Each time a web surfer types in a keyword or phrase, advertisements tied in with those specific words and phrases will be shown to the web surfer. This brings prospective clients and web sites together with ease.

A simple click on the ad will either allow a customer to learn more about a web site, service or product or bring them directly to the web site connected with the ad. With Google AdWords, users do not even need to have a web page to get started as Google can provide one free of charge. Audiences can be targeted and results can be measured and optimized with Google AdWords. The program is setup with impression data, click information, costs and much more to allow advertising clients the ability to maximize their results.

Another advantage to Google AdWords is the ability to set a budget and cap expenses. A maximum amount can be set on a daily basis allowing advertising clients the ability to keep within their business budget. Additionally, clients only pay for the clicks on their ads – another way to keep under budget.

One downside to Google AdWords is the learning curve. The program is not overly easy to use and some research into help and FAQs may be required.

MySpace myAds

The MySpace myAds program uses a very user-friendly advertisement building program that allows users to upload images, edit text, and even adjust coloring as needed. Once a banner ad is created, advertising clients can then move on to targeting their specific audience. This includes gender, age groups, relationship status, parental status, location, and even interests and occupations.

After creating an ad, selecting a target audience, and making the ad campaign live, MySpace myAds users can easily monitor and track the efficacy of their campaign through the program’s campaign manager. This manager allows users to quickly see campaign impressions, clicks, CTR (click-through rates), average CPC (cost per click), and the total cost broken down per day.

MySpace myAds also allows for budgeting and scheduling. A CPC bid can be set and a daily or lifetime budget amount can be chosen. Additionally, each campaign can have a start and stop date or simply a start date with no end date specified.


Both MySpace myAds and Google AdWords are great programs that have a lot to offer prospective advertisers. Both have budgeting allowances and targeted audiences in mind. MySpace myAds comes out slightly ahead in this comparison due to its extreme ease-of-use. When it comes to creating advertising campaigns, it is simpler and less time consuming to use a user-friendly interface and not have to do a lot of research into campaign creation – a minor drawback to Google AdWords.

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