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Yola Web Design Review

Yola Web Design Review

Yola, the former SynthaSite, is a popular website builder that offers free design tools, templates and a variety of other user-friendly services for those who want to make their presence known on the internet with a high quality website and low-budget price.

Yola is the ideal choice for the small business owner or someone who wants to showcase a portfolio of work or achievements. It’s also great for selling products online, building a blog, and more.

Ease of Use (4/5)


Yola is quite possibly one of the best website builders on the internet today. A user friendly site, Yola offers some of the best features available on a purely internet based website editor/builder. Users can get sites that are tailored to fit their needs. Both free and reasonably priced hosting packages are available, and Yola is a terrific choice for individuals or small businesses looking to get in on the internet market without paying sky high prices.

Yola even has a team that can help you to customize a site of up to five pages to meet your specifics needs. For free hosting, designs are limited to what is available on Yola, however, with free hosting, free design and pure simplicity, Yola is an excellent and easy to use choice for anyone, regardless of their technological knowledge.

Price Value (5/5)


Yola offers a variety of paid hosting packages as well as free options. With custom designs and over 100 templates available for building a professional looking and fully functional website, you truly can’t beat the Yola.

There are designs to suit every taste and need. Add to that the plethora of multimedia functions, integration with Google AdSense and PayPal, as well as other features allowing for easy monetization, and the tons of extras, Yola definitely gives you a lot of value for your dollar, should you choose to purchase a hosting package, that is. Although Yola truly offers robust free services, the Yola Pro package is only $49.95 per year.

Control Panel (5/5)


Like everything else with Yola, the control panel is simple and easy to use. The hassle free and fully functional feature allows you to get in, take care of business. With Yola, from inception to control panels, their goals are simply, offer power and sophistication with the novice user in mind. The control panel fits this model perfectly as it is advanced in application, yet easy enough for a novice to utilize.

Customer Support (4/5)


Yola cares about all of their users, whether they pay for hosting or not. They want each and every one of their customers to be satisfied. Yola offers a well-rounded help section, as well as a FAQ section on their website. They also offer a powerful search feature and community forum to help get your specific questions answered. The Yola support team is also available via e-mail and private chat, and they also frequently send out updates via blog and twitter accounts.

The only downfall to Yola support is that the link to live chat is somewhat difficult to find and chat is not always instantaneous, especially during site maintenance. Yola assures its customers and potential customers that this is something they are actively looking to resolve.

Overall Value (4/5)


Yola definitely stands out with the best in web design and web hosting services. They have, by far, the most professional looking web templates around, as far as free hosting options go. You get a lot of value, not matter what you choose to do with a Yola site.

Yola is easy to use, appealing and enjoyable as well. There are affordable premium packages available, which are virtually limitless, and as a free Yola user, the possibilities are open to. One user can create 5 free sites without spending a dime for design or hosting. Now that’s value!

Build your free website today with Yola! Free web hosting and sophisticated web building applications have made Yola the number one choice for small businesses!

Yola Web Design Official Page

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5 Responses to “Yola Web Design Review”

  1. RetoBob says:

    I just wanted to say how helpful the reviews here on Yola are. I’m looking for a web hosting service and this is very helpful to me. Keep up the good work.

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  2. Gary says:

    Horrible customer service that only deals through email. If something goes wrong, good luck. Tried buying a domain, paid for it and never got it. They took the money from my account and I am still trying to get a hold of someone to make it right. I say go to godaddy or somewhere else with a proven customer track record versus Yola who only handles through forums and emails..

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  3. Northwest says:

    At first I thought the site was great. It was probably the easiest to set up site I ever created, with a very nice personal theme. But…. I had some problems uploading files when I first set it up, and now the file manager doesn’t work at all. I’ve search the site for FAQs to resolve the problem, but all I get is a tutorial on how to use the file manager, which assumes, of course, that it works. I am now at this website looking for another website to host at.

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  4. VCRviv says:

    Yola was the first website builder I used as I was new to the game. But after a bit of time I found the functionality of Yola to be not as effective as I would have liked. I’ve just started on a new builder called Cubender which seems to operate much simpler to me.

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  5. Mike says:

    I have found Yola to be great no problems my site is made with Yola they are helpful if you have a problem you just get hold of customer support and they get back to you fast.

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