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cPanel Invites GNAX Into Its Exclusive Club

cPanel Invites GNAX Into Its Exclusive Club

Many software vendors are emerging but few are making splashes as big as cPanel. Just days ago, cPanel announced that GNAX (Global Net Access) would be the first member of its cPanel Exclusive Partner Program. As a cPanel partner for more than five years, GNAX has demonstrated a commitment to excellence and gained recognition throughout the web hosting industry. So, where does Global Net Access go from here? Joining the cPanel Exclusive Partner Program is a sign of good things as it means the company has chosen cPanel as its exclusive automation software vendor.

GNAX president Jeff Hinkle states that they are honored to be the first member of cPanel’s Exclusive partner program, citing that the vendor’s popularity among hosting customers and close ties with the cPanel team played a major role in the decision. GNAX has decided to focus on one control panel to deliver the best management and support tools to its portfolio of dedicated servers. Coupled with this news, GNAX also announced that it will be unleashing discounted cPanel packages starting May 1, 2009. The provider’s fully managed cPanel/CentOS servers are currently being tested by a small number of clients. GNAX reports that the rollout is going extremely well.

According to Hinkle, GNAX has intentions of being a leading provider of cPanel-based hosting solutions and world-class support. He stands confident that an exclusive relationship with cPanel will allow the company focus more on the customers and maximize its resources to accomplish those goals.

Global Net Access Profile

GNAX is the parent company of two product lines: dedicated server and enterprise-class colocation, both of which are industry-leading services. Although the company headquarters is located in Atlanta, Georgia, the provider also operates out of Dallas, a move that gives the host the ability to better serve clients in the Texas region. Its AtlantaNAP facility caters to corporate-level colocation customers while the NetDepot data center covers dedicated server clients. The NetDepot facility houses more than 2000 servers to accommodate clients across the world.

cPanel Profile

As the leading web hosting control panel software vendor, cPanel is one of the most well known names in the business. This company develops tools suited for a large number of data centers and customers spanning the globe. cPanel’s products enable streamlined automation to simplify the process of maintaining a web server. These comprehensive tools provide server administrators and end-users with all the functionality they need to effectively maintain their respective environments. Originally founded in 1997, cPanel has been setting trends and raising the bar for automation solutions from the very beginning.

With offices in Houston, Texas and White Haven, Pennsylvania, cPanel has tremendous reach and a top-notch staff ready to provide the hosting community with quality support. Its multitude of hardware facilities are designed to make sure the operations enjoy a seamless performance while frequent updates ensure that the systems run at their full potential. With a near-flawless design strategy based on multiple redundancies, cPanel has an infrastructure built to give the customers the best possible hosting experience.

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    28th April 2009
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