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Forum Software Comparison Chart

SMF vBulletin phpBB IPB
Details Simple Machines forum is an open-source program used to create online communities. It allows you to create with an entire site with server side includes. vBulletin is a program used to create professional online communities. Supports communities of any size. phpBB is an open-source software used to create online communities. It is currently the most widely used open-source forum solution. Invision Power Board is used to create online communities of all sizes. IPB comes in both community and corporate versions.
Advantages -Free
-Easy to use
-Requires no programming skills
– Supports communities of any size.
– Feature-rich
– Excellent support
– Free
– Setups in minutes
– Easy to use
– Performs well
– Feature-rich
– flexible
Disadvantages -Setting permissions is a bit confusing
– Lacks add-on modules
– more expensive
– Difficult to customize
– Many add-on modules are not officially supported
– Lacks features
– Known for bugs
– Lacks of SEO-friendliness
– More expensive
– More complex
– Strict requirements
This type of Forum is for you if… If you want to create a simple community while using minimal server resources. You want to great a professional community forum for corporate users and clients. You want to a forum that is easy to manage and customize You have a server equipped with the latest versions of MySQL and PHP.
Our recommendation WebHostingPad BlueHost Inmotion HostGator

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    2 Responses to “Forum Software Comparison Chart”

    1. Seoblog Central says:

      Its great,

      You have given nice information, and the key point which you have given for advantages, disadvantages are simply superb.
      Its happy news for all forum builders, that Jelsoft to release CMS with vb4. It will improve the quality of forums and sure it will avoid spam forums.


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    2. Asterix says:

      Hi. You can’t be serious?
      How can you make an “Forum Software Comparison Chart” without include MyBB ??
      MyBB is growing fast and is now always in the Top 3 of all other Forum Software comparison 🙂
      Try it and you will quickly understand why it became so popular 😉

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