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Google Apps and Web Hosting

google apps and web hosting

Free web hosting has just become more interesting with a new service by Google. Google Apps is a service that allows you to host a website via the Google Page Creator module. Web-based applications are easy to build, maintain and scale as your storage and traffic needs continue to grow. Google Apps is easy to use on any level and requires no server maintenance. Simply upload your content and it’s ready to serve to your visitors.

Your application can be served with a free domain name on the domain. You can also use Google Apps to serve the application from your own domain. Your content can be designed for sharing with the World Wide Web or as an intranet limited to exclusive members of your organization.

Web hosting with Google Apps will cost you nothing to get started. Just sign up for their free account and publish your application for no charge and strict obligations. This free account offers up to 500 MB of disk storage and an undisclosed amount of bandwidth. The company estimates that they provide enough bandwidth and CPU for 5 million page views per month.


Google Apps provides a hosting environment with the ability to function superbly under high volumes of traffic and large amounts of content. Their service is certainly a step up from traditional free hosting as it offers the following features:

• Complete support for the most common web technologies

• Automated scaling and load balancing

• A secure authentication system for authorizing users

• A local environment that easily simulates the Google Apps Engine on your PC

The Datastore

The Datastore can be viewed as Google’s version of MySQL. It is a distributed data storage service featuring a query engine and various transactions. As the distributed server grows with your site’s traffic, the distributed Datastore grows with your data.

The Google Apps Datastore is not your average database as data objects have a specific type and set of properties. Queries have the ability to retrieve entities of a specific type filtered and sorted by values of those properties. Property values can be any of the supported value types.

The Datastore also features the Python API which includes a data modeling interface that can be used to define the structure of your entities. The model may indicate whether or not a property is required to have a value within a specific range or provide a default value if none is assigned. Your application can provide however much structure the data requires.


While Google offers an affordable and effective hosting solution, this service does have a few drawbacks. For instance, Google Apps currently only supports the Python programming language though the company plans to support more scripts in the near future. This is something that would limit a skilled developer’s ability to build a site to their liking. Users have also reported frequent Internal Server Error messages when attempting to access web pages hosted with Google Apps. This appears to be problem related to those hosting with their own domain name. According to reviews, Google does not provide adequate support that explains the reason behind these common errors.


Google Apps is only offering free accounts during this preview phase. They plan to launch paid hosting plans to keep pace with competitive market prices in the future. While it’s apparent that they still have a ways to go, Google Apps provides an economical solution that exceeds the limitations of free shared hosting by far.

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