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The Benefits of Hosting with Fantastico

The Benefits of Hosting with Fantastico

Web hosting has come a long way in terms of features. Customers now have a greater level of control over their accounts with great emphasis on design and functionality. One significant improvement is the support for the large number of scripts and applications widely available on the internet. While you can easily find various open-source scripts, actually installing them on a server is a technical challenge for many. This can all be solved by hosting with a company that offers a neat little program known as Fantastico.

What is Fantastico?

Fantastico is a third-party application integrated into the popular cPanel control panel software. This program gives you the ability to install a wide variety of programs and instantly enhance the functionality of your website. The installation process is very simple and can generally be completed with a few quick clicks of the mouse. The beauty of Fantastico is the use of open-source scripts, meaning the programs are included into your web hosting account at no additional cost. Offering more than 40 different scripts, Fantastico is the perfect solution for quickly setting up your site.

Now tagged as Fantastico Deluxe, this program seems to only get better with more features and scripts. One of the best things about the software is that it is updated quite frequently, ensuring that you have the latest scripts fresh with patches and upgrades. This gives the assurance that your programs are up to date and will offer superb functionality as well as security.

Fantastico Scripts

Fantastico comes loaded with several scripts. Here are a few of them:

Blogs: If you are interested in the blogging phenomenon, Fantastico offers several options for getting started. The program comes with some of today’s most popular blogging applications including WordPress, Nucleus and B2Evolution. Each program is relatively easy to use and search engine friendly right out of the box.

CMS: Content management systems are highly functional software programs that can be used to create and build a large number of sites. The latest version of Fantastico offers a variety of powerful systems including Geeklog, Mambo, PHP-Nuke, Post-Nuke, SiteFrame, Xoops and the world renowned Joomla CMS.

Site Builders: Although many web hosts provide customers with default web building tools, you are likely to get better results from the scripts integrated into Fantastico. With the SoloLaunch application you can build a site fairly easy without knowing much about HTML. You also have the option of creating your site with Template Xpress. Hence the name, this program offers a plethora of templates that can be used to create your site, eliminating the need to work with complex languages such as Perl and PHP.

Extras: Additionally, Fantastico comes with various add-on scripts such as Moodle, PHPAuction and WebCalender. All of the applications can be automatically installed as they are pre-configured in PHP and designed to instantly create a MySQL database.

Fantastico is a wonderful feature that serves benefits to experienced web designers and beginners alike. This streamlined process allows you to enhance your site without hassle or worrying about scripting errors. Running on a reliable Linux server, a Fantastico hosting account puts tremendous power in the palm of your hand.

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    28th November 2008
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