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Top 5 Hidden Fees that Web Hosting May Charge You Without First Notifying You

Top 5 Web Hosting Hidden Fees

As the internet continues to expand, the web hosting market becomes increasingly competitive. It seems as if every web hosting company claims to be the best, and all of them promise no hidden fees. Unfortunately they are not all deserving of the title “Best Web Host,” and many of them do charge hidden fees. Hidden fees are fees that are charged to the customer without any obvious mention of them on the website. Hidden fees may be mentioned in fine print, but many times customers are not notified before being charged.

A lot of these fees seem to be harmless mandatory additional fees at the time of checkout, so they are paid with little concern. However, over time more fees begin to add up, and in some instances the web hosting company can get away with charging twice the amount that is advertised. To avoid hidden fees, you’ll need to know what to look for. If you spot any of the hidden fees below, you may want to switch web hosting providers.

Multiple Hosting Fees

Many web hosting companies advertise the ability to host unlimited domains, however what they don’t tell you is that once you decide to host a new domain, you’ll need to pay a hidden fee of about ten dollars in order to activate the domain. If your credit card is linked to the hosting account, you may receive this charge without consent or notification. This is obviously false advertising, and anyone that experiences this kind of charge should either complain to the support department, or switch to a web hosting company that honors their promises.

Cancellation Fees

Some hosting companies charge several additional dollars when customers decide to cancel their web hosting account prematurely. Although this fee may be mentioned in fine print, many times it is charged without any further consent, which classifies it as a hidden fee. If your web hosting account charges in a annual basis, you may want to ask if there is a cancellation fee, as it may be more beneficial to let your account expire, rather than canceling.

Domain Ownership Fees

There are some hosting companies that will charge a fee for transferring your domain to another host. In fact, these hosting services will actually register your domain in their name, so you’re actually paying for complete ownership of your won domain. If you refuse to pay this fee, you will not be able to switch hosting providers, and the hosting company will retain partial ownership of your domain. To avoid this problem make sure your hosting company does not assume any ownership over your domain, thus you can transfer whenever you like with no hidden fees.

Setup Fees

Although it may seem redundant, some hosting companies even charge setup fees. Setup fees are charged whenever a new hosting account is setup. This is by far the most fraudulent kind of hidden fee, as the customer should most definitely be notified of such a charge. Unfortunately people pay setup fees everyday with no questions asked.

Service Fees

If your web hosting company claims to offer free technical support, and then you receive a charge for calling their “toll-free” number, you’ve been a victim of the hidden service fee. These fees seem to be warranted, but since there is often no mention of them upon purchasing account, and many times customers are not notified of them, they are still hidden fees. To avoid these fees make sure you ask you web hosting company if they charge any service fees via email before calling their support line.

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