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Traps to Avoid When Selecting a Web Host

Selecting the right web host can make your business run smooth and efficiently. By choosing a company that can give you all of the disk space, bandwidth, and uptime that you need, your customers will have better access to a website that you can control easily. There are some web hosts, though, that will try to trick you into thinking that they have the best service plans when in fact they will only provide spotty service. By avoiding these traps, you will have a more enjoyable relationship with your web host and you will be able to operate you online business without disruption.

Avoid Web Hosts that Have Hidden Fees

Some web hosts claim that they have no hidden fees, but once you start doing business with them you find that there are extra fees for some of the most basic services. This makes it important for you to ask the web host exactly what services are included in your monthly fee, and to advise if there are any setup fees that you might have to pay. Another way to avoid this is to use a company that you know is reliable rather than trying a new company that you have never heard of. Dotster, and HostMonster are two of the most reliable web hosts. They are dually commended for having up-front pricing without hidden fees. By choosing a company that plainly lists the services which you will receive, you will be in good hands without concern of price gouging or the worry that you may be taken advantage of later.

Avoid Web Hosts that Offer Extras but Lack the Basics

Getting some extra freebies is nice, but it is not the way to pick the web host that is best for you. Instead of paying attention to all of the extras that a company might offer you, you need to base your decision on the core services that you need. Getting some free advertising is indeed a perk, but what is the true value if you do not have enough disk space for your site?

Luckily, you do not have to decide between a web host that can give you the services you need and a company that will give you lots of extras. There are plenty of companies that will offer you both. HostMonster, for instance, gives you all of the customer service, disk space, uptime, and bandwidth that you need to run your website, but they also provide extras such as free domain registration, unlimited Pop/Imap email accounts, and a free site builder.

Finding a web host that is straightforward and reliable is not difficult, but you do have to be cautious about companies that try to coerce you into using their services. This often occurs by hiding costs and offering you extras, instead of services that are useful and necessary. By using a web host such as HostMonster and Dotster, you will be able to get all of the services that you need at prices that are reasonable and honest. Avoid the traps that some web hosts setup for you and you will be able to find a company that will host your website quickly and easily.

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19th January 2008
Posted by Web Hosting Consultant in Best Web Hosting Tips

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