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Website Builders Are Great For Novice Website Owners

Website Builders Are Great For Novice Website Owners

When you launch your online endeavors, the initial phase is purchasing the domain name and getting set with web space. Thereafter, additional work begins on creating the website – one that potential customers and clients will want to return to on a regular basis, is easy to navigate, and is pleasing to the eye.

Not everyone is an artist or a developer at heart, and this is where website builders come in handy. Ranging from free to rather pricey as well as either offered within many web hosting plans or found separately, website building programs come in a variety of forms.

Web Hosting Website Builders

Many web hosting companies offer a website builder program within their hosting plans. This, by far, makes the search for a website building program a non-issue. The website building programs chosen by web hosting companies can make it a breeze to integrate into an existing hosting account. The most common website building programs used by hosting providers usually combine design with web page creation.

The biggest selling point for a website building program built into a web hosting plan is there is no need to look for a program to download nor is there a tremendous learning curve. Most web hosting companies will provide a program that is exceedingly straightforward to use and will not only design a website but also help with navigation and page creation.

What to Look for in Website Builders

If not being offered within a web hosting plan, another option is to locate and use a program that runs on one’s computer. There are a large number of programs available that range in price.

While there are a number of free website builder programs available on the Internet, the one thing these programs do not often offer is support. This is a rather important item to keep in mind when searching for the perfect website builder – if there is a problem or a question regarding the program, a lack of support can make a free piece of software become a rather large nightmare.

When searching for a complete website building program, it is also prudent to find one that is easy to use. One of the best options to look for is WYSIWYG (“What You See Is What You Get”) or drag-and-drop capabilities. What this boils down to is not having to learn HTML or any other manner of website coding.

Lastly, it is necessary to ensure that the type of pages created by the website builder chosen are able to be shown on the website. Web pages can be created and saved in HTML, PHP, ASP, and other formats. The website provider one is currently hosting with may not be equipped to handle ASP or PHP pages. It is best to find out beforehand – nothing is more disappointing than having to start all over from scratch.


Creating a website need not be an impossible task. By choosing either a web hosting provider that includes a website building program within their plans or by locating a suitable, reliable and easy-to-use website builder that resides on one’s computer, you can quickly and easily be on your way to a beautifully designed and easy to navigate website with little to no hassle.

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    16th March 2010
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