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What Makes A Web Host Better Than The Competition?

web hosting competition

What exactly sets a web hosting company apart from their competition? There are so many web hosting companies to choose from that a website owner can get lost in the sea of choices. What exactly makes one web hosting company better than another?

If you compare web hosting companies, you will get a plethora of results for companies offering packages from basic to premium with free and paid services available. You will need to read the fine print to determine the differences.

Tools And Features

One very feature rich web hosting company, LunarPages, offers web hosting for nearly every type of website you can imagine. Not only does this company offer several bonus features, such as No Contract, 24/7 Support, Unlimited Email, Mailing Lists, and several E-Commerce tools, their web hosting plans and services for both Linux and Windows are clearly laid out and explained with the monthly fees in plain sight. A web hosting company that makes signing up and choosing a plan an easy decision definitely sets it apart from its competition.

Unlimited Is A Good Thing

Does your web hosting company offer unlimited domains? What about unlimited web space? Unlimited data transfer? Unlimited anything?

You know you are getting a better value when you sign up for plans with options for certain types of unlimited services. BlueHost is one of the providers offering plans with unlimited features. Unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth are two very important features to growing websites with many pages of content. If you choose a web host with limited space, you may end up needed to switch web hosting providers mid-stream, which can cause unnecessary down time and technical issues if transferring goes wrong.

Search Engine Submission

Many new website owners are unaware that their websites have to be submitted to the search engines to be included in the search results – or no one is ever going to find them on the internet.

A web hosting company that understands this important need will take the extra step to provide search engine submission to its clients, and include it in the price of the web hosting package. Imagine you went through all the trouble of creating a new website for your business only to find out that months later no one had even visited your web pages, and all of your hard work was wasted. HostMonster takes this extra step and submits new websites to the search engines for no extra charge.

So Which Web Hosting Provider Is Better?

There is no one right answer to that question. What features make one company stand apart and appear more valuable to a website owner may be the complete opposite for another. What makes a web hosting company better than another will largely depend on a website’s specific needs. Once you determine the things that are important for your website to have, then you can choose a web hosting company to provide the right services.

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