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BlueHost vs. StartLogic

BlueHost vs. StartLogic

This web hosting comparison will feature veteran web host BlueHost, against fast growing hosting provider StartLogic. Based in the Salt Lake City, Utah area, BlueHost has been in the business for well over a decade and knows what it takes to be successful. Headquartered in the state of California, StartLogic has quickly learned the ropes and ascended in the ranks to stand alongside some of the most distinguished hosting companies. This is a showdown for the ages so let’s see if we can pick a winner from these two hosting heavyweights.

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The prices offered by BlueHost and StartLogic are among some of the most competitive around. ProLogic, StartLogic’s premiere hosting plan, is standing strong at the very reasonable price of $5.95 per month. BlueHost offers their feature-rich hosting plan at a slightly higher cost of $6.95. As you can see, neither host will try to make you pay top dollar, but they provide you with a top-notch service.

Products and Services

There are many types of web hosting plans on the market and the service for you depends on your preference and requirements. StartLogic gives you a nice variety to choose from with hosting options that include virtual private servers as well as packages based on both Unix and Windows platforms. In addition, the company offers domain name registration and SEO service to help optimize your site for better search engine rankings and increased traffic. Unfortunately, BlueHost does not give you all these options as it only has a single hosting plan available.

Web Hosting Features

BlueHost and StartLogic both load their hosting plans with all the highly sought after features on the marketplace. This includes unlimited email accounts, autoresponders and webmail for keeping base with your contacts. Both hosts offer features that appeal to developers such as PHP, Perl and a multitude of MySQL databases. Also on the menu are add-on programs that range from blogs and content management systems to forums and e-commerce shopping cart applications. The biggest difference between BlueHost and StartLogic in the feature department is the control panels they provide. For example, BlueHost uses the industry renowned cPanel, while StartLogic supplies the much lesser known vDeck. Though entirely different software tools, both control panels aim to meet the same goals, which is allowing you to effectively manage your website from an easy to use, centralized interface.

Customer Service

When it come to customer service and technical support, BlueHost and StartLogic are equally solid. Both companies deliver quality assistance around the clock, providing you with superior support in a number of ways. You can get help by way of toll-free phone, live chat and support ticket. You can also help yourself to online documentation, video tutorials and additional resources. These are definitely two hosts that will not leave in the cold when it comes to service and support.


BlueHost and StartLogic are two hosts you can count on two provide you with a reliable service at a great price. Considering their quality, making a decision is no easy task. Since we are here to help, StartLogic is a solid choice for VPS and Windows hosting, but if you need a good ole open-source friendly plan, both will do.

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