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BlueHost vs. Web Fusion

BlueHost vs. Web Fusion

BlueHost and Web Fusion are currently among the most talked about names in the web hosting business. Though a relative newcomer to the states, Web Fusion has quickly established itself as a familiar face on the market. BlueHost has seemingly been around forever and appears to be here to stay. If you have been struggling with who to choose between these highly touted hosting providers, the information in this comparison should help you make a decision.

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BlueHost and Web Fusion are both increasingly reeling in new customers due to their extremely reliable services and reasonable prices. For your personal needs, Web Fusion has an ideal plan for just $2.99 per month. This gives you enough ammunition to start up a nicely looking website based around a hobby or something for friends and family. BlueHost is more expensive as they charge $6.95 per month. It is very important to note however that Web Fusion’s plan which is most comparable to BlueHost is considerably more expensive at $14.99 per month.

Products and Services

For the most part, BlueHost and Web Fusion are pretty similar in regard to their offerings. The major difference is that Web Fusion gives you three hosting packages to choose from and the option to run on Windows of Linux while BlueHost only has a single plan available. In addition to web hosting, Web Fusion also offers a domain name service with fairly competitive prices on registration. So although Web Fusion has a little more to select from, its biggest advantage is the addition of a domain name service and the benefit of Windows features.

Web Hosting Features

BlueHost and Web Fusion offer many of the same features but BlueHost has the upper hand in this area. Both give you all the basics such as multiple email accounts, webmail and autoresponders, as well as PHP, Perl and MySQL. Of course with Web Fusion’s Windows package, you get open-source technologies on top of Microsoft products like ASP, ASP.NET and MS SQL. What BlueHost has and Web Fusion lacks is Shell Access, FrontPage extensions, FTP accounts and multimedia support. Both provide you with a nice amount of features but BlueHost dishes out a little more.

Customer Service

BlueHost and Web Fusion are pretty competitive in the support department. Both deliver quality 24/7 support in a number of ways. You can get help by toll-free phone, email or submit your inquiries through a support ticket system. They also provide you with access to online documentation where you can find tips and articles on the essential hosting features. Although both provide many of the resources, BlueHost’s support system is a bit more streamlined and comprehensive.


When it comes to establishing yourself online, BlueHost and Web Fusion both make excellent choices. These two hosts have the knowledge and technology you need to make an impact with your website. If we had to base our decision on value alone, we would have to go with BlueHost hands down. Every dollar counts these days and in the end, BlueHost can help you keep more in your pocket.

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