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Hostgator VPS Vs Inmotion VPS

Hostgator VPS Vs Inmotion VPS

Virtual Private Server (VPS) host packages are becoming more and more popular. The benefits of VPS are dedicated server resources closer to shared-server hosting prices. And with this increasing demand for VPS, more and more web hosts are offering this option for their clients.

Hostgator started in a college dorm in 2002 offering shared server hosting for clients with great features. As the company grew in client numbers, it also grew into one of the fastest-growing companies in America. They offer not only shared server, but also VPS and dedicated hosting as well.

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Inmotion hosting started in 2001 and has evolved into a top web host who offers shared, VPS, and dedicated hosting also.

Both companies have almost the same years of experience. Which would you choose for your VPS needs? We take a look below and offer our recommendation.


Hostgator offers 9 levels of VPS plans all with increasing amounts of resources. Plans are priced starting at monthly prices of $19.95, and increasing to $29.95, $39.95, $69.95, $94.95, $119.95, $149.95, $179.95, and $209.95. All plans come standard with 2 IP addresses and Plesk account control, but increase more if clients prefer cPanel and want to purchase more IP addresses.

Inmotion has 3 VPS plans that run $39.95, $74.95, and $149.95 per month respectively.

Products and Services

With Inmotion, cPanel comes standard with all VPS plans at no extra charge. Inmotion offers free data backup with plans under 10GB of file storage. Inmotion also provides “burstable” RAM that allows a user to temporarily increase resources when needed without auto shutdown.

Hostgator offers weekly backup on all accounts and the offer free domain and website transfer services. They also offer a free site builder with over 4500 templates available, and fully managed VPS hosting is available as well.

Web Hosting Features

VPS plans are usually sold in terms of RAM, disk space, and bandwisth. Hostgator plans increase in resources with each level, starting at 384MG RAM, 10GB of disk space, and 250GB bandwidth, and going up to 4435MB RAM, 231GB space, and 3150GB of bandwidth. Hostgator VPS plans all come with unlimited hosted domains, email accounts, and MySQL databases.

Inmotion plans run 256MB RAM, 500GB bandwidth, and 40GB of disk space, for 1st level plan, 512MB RAM, 1000GB bandwidth, and 80GB space for 2nd level, and 3rd level resources are 1024MB RAM, 1500GB bandwidth, and 160GB space. Accounts also come with unlimited email accounts and MySQL databases.

Customer Service

Inmotion offers 24 hour tech support via both phone and email. Hostgator offers 24 hour support via chat or email only. Phone support is business hours only.

Inmotion offers a very helpful online support with articles, video tutorials, and community forum. Hostgator offers an online help center, but lacks in the number of articles compared to Inmotion.


Both of these companies are worth of your VPS hosting consideration. But with a better support system, cPanel included, and a very reasonable allotment of resources with their VPS plans, our recommendation goes to Inmotion VPS Hosting.

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