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HostMonster vs. IX Web Hosting

HostMonster vs. IX Web Hosting

Customers are increasingly flocking to the services of HostMonster and IX Web Hosting for professional web hosting services. These two companies have been in the business for a long time and know what it takes to be successful. IX Web Hosting is well known for its three tiers of shared hosting while HostMonster has built its reputation on one low-priced, feature rich hosting package. This comparison will shed some light on what these hosts can offer you.

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As we mentioned above, IX Web Hosting has three different hosting plan and the most affordable starts from just $3.95 per month. IX Web Hosting offers the best value with its all-inclusive Unlimited Pro package, which is only $7.95 per month. Though you will pay a bit more to start out with HostMoster, its package is still very reasonably priced at only $5.95 per month and actually offers more features than IX Web Hosting’s introductory package. Regardless of the hosting plan, you are sure to get superb value for each and every dollar you spend.

Products and Services

HostMoster and IX Web Hosting are worlds apart when it comes to products and services. IX Web Hosting has an extensive portfolio, coupling its affordable shared hosting solutions with add-ons that include web design, merchant accounts and SSL certificates for securing your web transactions. These additional products provide you with a way to increase your traffic and sales. HostMonster on the other hand, only has a single web hosting plan as no such add-ons are available. If you feel that your website needs that extra push, you could say that IX Web Hosting has the advantage in this department.

Web Hosting Features

Both HostMonster and IX Web Hosting offer all the features that have become standard on the hosting marketplace. This includes multiple email accounts and databases, PHP and Perl programming, free site builders and the luxury to host unlimited domains on a single account. In addition, both supply unlimited amounts of disk space and bandwidth so you don’t have to worry about paying for costly overages. The biggest difference is that some of IX Web Hosting’s hosting plans come with incentives such as multiple free domain name registrations and dedicated IP addresses.

Customer Service

Customer service and technical support are extremely important and two qualities you simply can’t do without. Rest assured that you are in good hands because these are the specialties of both HostMonster and IX Web Hosting. You can get support whenever you need it whether it is by toll-free phone, email or live chat. Furthermore, both make a knowledge base available, video tutorials and other resources that can be used to guide the way through your hosting account.


HostMonster and IX Web Hosting are two of the largest companies in the business, providing reliable service to hundreds of thousands of customers respectively. Although there is really no way you can go wrong, you will probably get the most dollar value when signing up with HostMonster. Either route, you get a professional hosting company that is willing to back you up every step of the way.

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