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InMotion Hosting vs. DreamHost

InMotion Hosting vs. DreamHost

There are many web hosts on the market, but InMotion Hosting and DreamHost are easily two of the most popular. While similar in many aspects, there are a number of key areas that set these hosts apart. This in-depth comparison will let you know what both have to offer.

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Web hosting is generally affordable these days and this is reflected in the prices of InMotion and DreamHost. With InMotion, Personal hosting starts from only $3.00 while the business-friendly hosting package is available from $6.95 per month. Hosting with DreamHost starts out at $8.95 per month, which is actually up from the longstanding price of $5.95. These may not be the lowest prices around, but they certainly can be afforded on most budgets.

Products and Services

InMotion and DreamHost both compliment their featured shared hosting plans with additional products and services. DreamHost offers domain registration alongside two different VPS hosting solutions. InMotion has this is more with three VPS hosting plans, dedicated servers and website management added to its portfolio. As you can see, both have a nice variety, but InMotion has a little more to offer.

Web Hosting Features

InMotion and DreamHost can fulfill the needs of anyone who desires a lot of features but does not wish to spend a lot for them. Both make sure you will enjoy a highly functional website with features such as dynamic programming languages, multiple databases and one-click installations of programs ranging from the WordPress blog platform to the Joomla CMS. You also get unlimited disk space and bandwidth, multiple email accounts, FTP access and easy to use control panel software to manage your account. Features make the hosting world go round and these world-class providers have plenty to give you.

Customer Service

Support is perhaps the most crucial factor that needs to considered when deciding on a web hosting plan. Without it, an affordable price and all the features in the world doesn’t mean a thing.

InMotion hosting delivers first-class support to its loyal base of customers. You can get help 24/7 as the knowledgeable staff is ready to provide quality support via email, live chat and toll-free phone. It also has a well designed Support Center where you can find a knowledge base, getting started guides, tutorials, a community forum and much more. DreamHost offers 24/7 support but its main source of contact is email. You can get support by way of phone but this will cost you an additional $9.95 per month. Even then, you only receive up to three call-backs from the host. DreamHost also has an easy searchable Wiki and community forum. While these features will do for some, those who would prefer to get a live person on the phone at all times may be disappointed.


Overall, InMotion Hosting and DreamHost are two solid web hosts who can effectively suit the needs of most customers. Both have been around the block and survived in what has become a very competitive market. However, if you want to base your decision on support, InMotion would be the clear-cut winner.

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