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InMotion Hosting vs. PowWeb

InMotion Hosting vs. PowWeb

InMotion and PowWeb are two of the major players in the web hosting arena. Both have demonstrated their reliability throughout the years, providing quality solutions at prices that are always amongst the most affordable. Choosing between these highly celebrated hosting providers is not easy, but we will try to make things a bit easier with this in-depth comparison.

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You don’t have to spend a lot money on a web hosting plan these days thanks to fierce competition on the market. InMotion and PowWeb are right in the thick of things with affordable prices remain attractive beside some of the cheapest offerings. PowWeb has a powerful all-in-one hosting solution for the low price of $4.88 per month, equipped with all the features you need to establish your web presence. With InMotion, you can get yourself a personal hosting package from $3.00 per month or move your company online with Business Class hosting for the low price of $6.95 per month. InMotion and PowWeb can make sure you receive a good value for every dollar you spend.

Products and Services

InMotion and PowWeb both give you a nice variety of products and services to choose from. While PowWeb only has a single web hosting plan available, its portfolio is stacked with Microsoft Exchange hosting, domain name registration, e-commerce and marketing solutions, website management and site upgrades. InMotion’s offerings are equally impressive, consisting of VPS hosting, dedicated servers, domain names and website management. These two hosts offer solutions that make easier to do all of your shopping in one place.

Web Hosting Features

You are sure to get a host of great features when signing up with either InMotion or PowWeb. Some of the most notable include FrontPage extensions, 24/7 FTP access, MySQL databases and PHP programming. You also get a facility to manage your files on the server and a complete system for handling your e-mail messages. InMotion and PowWeb both provide a wide variety of add-on scripts, allowing you to enhance your web presence with programs that range from shopping carts and blogs to forums and photo galleries. In addition to these great features, these two hosts provide an ample supply of disk storage and bandwidth as well as an easy to use control panel for managing your site.

Customer Service

Quality customer service is crucial in the web hosting business. While some companies slack off in this department, InMotion and PowWeb are two hosts that step up to deliver. Both provide responsive service and support around the clock, allowing you to get assistance by toll-free phone, email, and live chat as well. They also make it easy to access helpful resources such as knowledge bases, video tutorials and support tickets. These are two hosting providers you can count on to come through in the clutch.


It is never easy choosing between two solid web hosts like InMotion and PowWeb. Because they are so evenly matched in terms of overall quality, the best way to make a choice would be to base that decision on your specific needs. When doing this, you are almost certain to come out with a winning solution.

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8th September 2009
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