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SiteCloud vs. Rackspace Cloud

SiteCloud VS Rackspace Cloud

SiteCloud web hosting is among the top cloud hosting platforms. The hosting company continuously delivers high performance and reliable services to customers looking for trusted and scalable hosting solutions at affordable prices. Rackspace Cloud is also a renowned hosting provider offering customers robust platforms and pay-as-you grow plans since its establishment in 1998. Although both web host providers offer various plans and features, if you’re looking for web hosting solutions, you may find the following comparison helpful in narrowing your choices.

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SiteCloud delivers solutions in the form of three various hosting packages to meet your website hosting needs. These include Cloud Hosting, Cloud VPS (Virtual Private Servers) Hosting, and Reseller Hosting. The cheapest plan is the StormSiteCloud Hosting package for a very affordable $4.95 per month. SiteCloud’s VPS Hosting plan varies in price range from $29.00 upwards to $99.00 per month, with the Reseller Hosting package ranging from $19.00 to $99.00/month.

Rackspace Cloud, on the other hand, is more expensive with basic cloud hosting plans starting at $10.95/month. Although seemingly affordable, upgrades, add-ons and often hidden costs are huge pricing disadvantages. SiteCloud wins hands-down as being the more affordable among the two.

Products and Services

SiteCloud is a “green” energy-efficient web host delivering customers 99.9% uptime cloud hosting solutions to meet an array of web hosting needs. The StormSiteCloud Hosting package offers access to the latest version of cPanel, unlimited high performance SAN web space, bandwidth, hosted domains, MySQL databases, free setup and lifetime domain.

The basic Rackspace Cloud hosting package offers 100% uptime, binding SLAs, top-notch data centers, 256MB RAM and 10GB disk space as well as hybrid hosting for individualized needs. Rackspace Cloud offers customers a control panel developed by their team of developers, which means if you want to use cPanel, you’re out of luck unless you’re willing to pay for an upgraded package that supports installation of your preferred client control panel.

Cloud Sites, starting at $149/month includes 50GB of scalable storage space, 500GB of bandwidth, and 10,000 compute cycles per month. Additional disk space, bandwidth and compute cycles will cost you extra as your web hosting needs expand. Cloud Servers with managed service level are also available at $0.12/hr per server, or $100/month, plus a basic $100 monthly account fee for one active Cloud Server per billing cycle.

SiteCloud is the favorite simply because of the available unlimited features and access to the latest version of cPanel as your most dependable and easy-to-use control panel.

Web Hosting Features

SiteCloud is the ideal solution if you’re looking for a basic cloud hosting platform that offers valuable unlimited features at an affordable price. Rackspace Cloud offers more enhanced services such as servers, storage and sites based on the service hours you utilize per month with no minimum commitments or contracts. Individual hosting needs and budgets are the criteria for the provider offering the best features: if you’re on a tight budget and want your money’s worth, then SiteCloud is the better option; however, if you anticipate your hosting needs to grow and your budget allocates, Rackspace Cloud is your best bet.

Customer Service

SiteCloud and Rackspace Cloud both offer customer support via e-mail, phone (SiteCloud maintains limited operational hours) and online chat support available as well as valuable online resources. SiteCloud offers a 30-day money back guarantee, while Rackspace Cloud adheres to its legal service agreement. Rackspace excels at providing quality customer service winning two 2010 National Customer Service Awards including “Front Line Customer Service Team” and “Customer Service Team of the Year.” Customer service goes to Rackspace Cloud.


After a thorough review of both web hosting providers, our pick goes to SiteCloud. SiteCloud is a no-hassle provider offering very affordable packages and delivering many unlimited features for numerous web hosting solutions.

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