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Top 3 Cloud Hosting for Small Business Websites

Top 3 Cloud Hosting for Small Business Website

Every day hundreds of small business owners make the decision to expand their marketing outreach to a global level via the World Wide Web. However, when making this commitment many business owners don’t realize just how complex or challenging the process can be. The very first step in building a successful small business website is obtaining a reliable and powerful hosting plan.

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Cloud web hosting has recently emerged as the most robust, reliable, and easily expandable type of hosting available on the market. The cloud hosting environment gives you instant access to an entire network of web servers, which, when combined with state-of-the-art load-balancing technology, are able to accommodate the requirements of even the busiest websites. Not only is cloud hosting more powerful than conventional hosting types, the billing structure is also completely unique, as plan holders pay based on usage, rather than predefined limits.

The following are the top three cloud hosting providers for building a small business website.

#1. GoDaddy Mac OSX Cloud

Godaddy Cloud Hosting

GoDaddy cloud hosting is a unique and revolutionary service that is one of the few hosting plans to harness the power of the Mac OS X operating system, in conjunction with Apple’s Parallels and Xserve technologies. GoDaddy cloud hosting is also one of the only hosting plans that includes automatic iPhone integration, and complete compatibility with all Windows and Mac applications. The operating system is also completely compatible with virtualization software such as VMware, which will allow you to install any third-party operating system within the Mac OSx. This compatibility and expandability will ensure that every task and project met by your company can be completed, regardless of the related software compatibility requirements.

GoDaddy Mac OSX Cloud Hosting Official Page

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#2. 1&1 Dynamic Cloud Server

1&1 Dynamic Cloud Server

1&1 dynamic cloud server provides an extremely scalable solution to small business owners whose ultimate goals are to become a medium or large business owner. After all, every small business starts out with the goal to become successful, and therefore needs to be able to expand instantly if the need to do so arises. With nearly 50,000 customers currently utilizing their cloud hosting plans, 1&1 is a proven and reliable hosting company that backs all of their plans with a 24/7 Hotline and 1&1 Parallels® Small Business Panel 10. 1&1 also gives customers the convenience of being able to choose between the Linux, Linux 64 bit and Windows operating system.

1&1 Dynamic Cloud Server Official Page

#3. Eleven2 Cloud

Eleven2 Cloud Review

Eleven2 hosting prides themselves on providing services that utilize an energy-efficient infrastructure, and promise that all of their operations remain 100% carbon neutral on a continual basis. Aside from considering the safety of the planet, Eleven2 also considers the safety of their customers’ data, and makes nightly backups of all of their web servers to avoid data loss (which can have a significant negative impact on small business). Eleven2 cloud hosting includes instant scability, instant control and no contracts, free server monitoring (with included 24x7x365 Technical Support), and free DNS management. All of Eleven2’s plans are also backed by a VIP premium support and a community support forum. The plans include the popular operating system of choices including Debian, Ubuntu and Windows and are guaranteed to include no hidden fees.

Eleven2 Cloud Hosting Official Page

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