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Top 5 High Bandwidth Hosting

Top 5 High Bandwidth Hosting

Bandwidth is a critical web hosting feature that involves the traffic of your website. This feature is so important that several web hosts leverage high bandwidth to attract and convert new clients. Some will offer a large amount of bandwidth from the start but fail to disclose the penalties for exceeding the monthly allotted usage. This act of overselling can prove very expensive to the client that has no idea how to monitor usage before signing up. Unfortunately, overages are often beneficial to the providers while costing the customer hundreds to thousands of dollars in additional fees.

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On the brighter side of things, there are several reputable hosts that stand by their claims and offer more than enough bandwidth to support the traffic of your site. Here are five companies that you can rely for all of your bandwidth needs:

#1 StartLogic

StartLogic offers tons of bandwidth to support the high level of traffic you plan to generate. The unlimited amount of disk space will enable you to store robust files and share them amongst your audience with unlimited transfer. For only $6.95 $3.95 per month you can expand your web presence with unlimited domains, free web building tools, database access and much more. StartLogic provides you with the tools needed to increase functionality without sacrificing on performance.

StartLogic Official Site

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#2 WebHostingPad

If you want an affordable, reliable service with all the bandwidth you can handle, look into the hosting plans offered by WebHostingPad. Starting at just $1.99 per month, WebHostingPad offers a host of unlimited features that will enable you to create a dynamic website your visitors are sure to appreciate. This incredibly low price gets you unlimited bandwidth, storage, domains, databases, email accounts and FTP clients. WebHostingPad is the perfect solution for building a professional site with tons of bandwidth to support your online activities.

WebHostingPad Official Site

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#3 IX Web Hosting

Although web hosting plans with IX Web Hosting are slightly more expensive, their service is just as reliable. Bandwidth will be the least of your worries as this company provides you with an unlimited capacity and an equal amount of storage. Both are sure to come in handy when making use of the numerous features you are provided with.

For $3.95 per month you get free webmail, a number of server-side scripts and database management tools along with support for audio and video streaming.

IX Web Hosting Official Site

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#4 PowWeb

Great performance is assured when hosting your site with PowWeb. Your site resides on their
“Load Balanced Technology” platform with an unlimited amount of bandwidth and disk space for your transfer and storage needs. PowWeb gives you numerous tools to increase web traffic with free blogging and forum software, content management systems and $100 bonus in advertising credits. At only $3.88 per month, this reliable hosting solution is affordable on nearly any budget.

PowWeb Hosting Official Site

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#5 LunarPages

LunarPages has been providing quality service for years and they are well known for their excellent customer support. While their basic hosting plan doesn’t offer unlimited bandwidth, it gives you more than enough with a robust 15,000 GB per month. LunarPages provides an affordable hosting solution at only $6.95 with a number of features from unlimited databases and FTP accounts to e-commerce tools and multimedia support. The people at LunarPages are dedicated to your success as proven by their solid support team and feature-rich packages.

LunarPages Hosting Official Site

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  1. Jake says:

    We were trying to use webs to host this project but I have found that there is too little hosting space. Any of these five providers give exponential more bandwidth for a much lower price. Webs is a rip-off for anything more than hobby sites.

    I am so glad I found this article.

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