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Interview with Luke Kendall – SuperGreen Hosting Product Manager

Interview with Luke Kendall of SuperGreen Hosting

Q1. What were the goals of Super Green Hosting upon entering the web hosting industry?

Answer Super Green Hosting entered the web hosting industry with the intention of being market leaders in green web hosting. Unlike some hosts who have only just caught on, Super Green Hosting has been taking action against global warming since the start. We spend 100% of our time working with new ways reduce and reverse our carbon footprint, very few web hosting providers can say this.

Q2. How does green hosting differ from traditional hosting solutions on the marketplace?

Answer There is no noticeable difference to the end user of a green web hosting provider, servers are just as fast and packed full of the usual features you would expect to receive with your web host. The real difference is that your website will be hosted on an environmentally friendly server which produces fewer emissions than the industries standard, behind the scenes your web hosting provider will participate in green efforts in a bid to neutralize the impact their services have on the environment. Here at Super Green Hosting we go that little bit further in an attempt to reverse the affects our services have on the environment.

Q3. What efforts is Super Green Hosting making to provide an eco-friendly service?

Answer Aside from using Dell’s latest energy efficient servers, Super Green Hosting is participating in a number of environmental campaigns and energy certificate schemes. Our latest partnership for a project named 300Trees was a great success, the aim of this was to show how easily a large number of trees could be planted when the work is shared amongst a larger group of people. You can find out more by visiting

Q4. How can customers benefit from your services?

Answer We have customers from all over the world, some are already webmasters hosting elsewhere and others are completely new to the industry. One thing they all share is their desire to reduce their impact on the environment, this is something any webmaster can benefit from when you sign up to our services. All Super Green Hosting customers are given green energy certificates which can be displayed on the site in the form of a badge. This badge certifies to your visitors or clients that your site is Green Certified and that you take pride in the environment and keeping it healthy for generations to come.

Q5. What special incentives do you offer to customers transferring from another service?

Answer Super Green Hosting offers transferring customers a free transfer, when the domain name is moved across we will then take care of future renewals free for life. We understand transferring your website to a new web hosting provider may seem a daunting task at first but the truth is it really isn’t as difficult as many of us would think. We have support staff available 24/7 to assist via telephone, email and live chat, whatever works for you.

Q6. What types of tools do you offer to customers who are new to web hosting?

Answer Like all web hosts we offer a site builder, ours is free to use for every customers and includes over 300 free templates so you can choose the perfect payout and design for your website. We get a lot of great feedback from our site builder, we have worked with our customers for years implementing many new suggested features thanks to the feedback from our users.

We also offer something called Fantastico, for those that haven’t used this before it allows you to install the latest blogging applications, live chat, forum and shopping cart software directly onto your web space within just a couple of clicks.

We also offer an extensive library of help files and tutorials on performing a range of tasks which is vital for any new webmaster.

Q7. What is Super Green Hosting doing to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction?

Answer Here at Super Green Hosting we do things a lot differently, perhaps the main noticeable difference is number of employees we have working at any one time. We believe that by giving our employees more time to respond to customer queries there’s less room for errors and customers get a better experience all around. Right now at the time of this interview there are 84 staff members working and the day has only just started. Lastly, we take regular customer satisfaction surveys and we are constantly working to improve our results each time.

Q8. Do you have any advice for customers looking to make positive contributions to the environment?

Answer Get thinking and put together a plan, it can be planting trees or simply making CO2 cuts in your day to day to life. Whatever you do make sure to get in touch, we love to hear from our customers and who knows we may even feature your story on the site!

Q9. What is your outlook on the future of green web hosting?

Answer The environment is an ever-growing concern, in any industry the “greener” providers are going to come out on top. In years to come the affects of global warming are going to come closer and closer to home, this will cause more and more people to accept that we must stop polluting our atmosphere with harmful gasses.

Q10. What role will Super Green Hosting play in the evolution of green web hosting?

Answer As I mentioned earlier, Super Green Hosting will be the market leader showing other web hosting providers the way of all that is green!

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