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How to Create a Subdomain in cPanel

How to Create a Subdomain in cPanel

Subdomains are a great way to expand your web presence without purchasing multiple domains. So, what is a subdomain? It is simply a separate domain that uses a prefix in front of your primary domain. Here is an example – let’s say your domain is You can create a domain that is specific to the support department and direct customers to that area of your site. In this example, we will use the word “support” as the prefix and “” as the primary domain. The results are a subdomain that looks like this:

A subdomain can be viewed as a URL for different areas on your website. The actual prefix for the subdomain can be any name you choose, whether it is a particular department or product. Now that you have a better understanding of this feature, we will show you how to create a subdomain from the cPanel control panel.

Getting Started

From the main page of cPanel, locate and click on the “Subdomains” icon under the “Domains” category.

– On the Subdomains main page, you will see a section that reads: “Create a Subdomain.” First, select the domain you want to add a prefix to.

– Next, enter the prefix you want to assign to that domain in the “Subdomain” text field. Sticking with our example from above, we will just use “support” for this illustration.

– After entering this information and placing the mouse cursor in the “Document Root” text field, the box will automatically be filled with the location of your subdomain. The cPanel software will use the prefix you specified above and then add it to the root path “public_html/yourprefix”. In our example, it would add “public_html/support”.

– If you want to choose another location rather than the one cPanel automatically designates for you, simplify modify the path in accordance to your particular needs.

– After completing the steps above, click the “Create” button.

– On the next page, you should see a confirmation that your subdomain was successfully created. To return to the previous page, simply click the “Go Back” button.

Managing Your Subdomain

Once the page loads, you should see a table with the subdomain you just created along with the following details divided into five columns:

Subdomains – This entry will contain the prefix you specified above

Root Domain – This entry will contain the primary domain used for your subdomain

Document Root – This entry will contain the Document Root path specified above

Redirection – In the event that you setup a redirection for your subdomain, this entry will specify what path the subdomain has been redirected to. To learn more about this feature, simply click on the “Manage Redirection” tab beside “Actions”

Actions – This entry gives you to options:

  • Manage Redirection – Click on this tab to manage the redirection for your subdomain
  • Remove – Click on this tab to completely remove the subdomain from the system.


After following the above steps, your subdomain is created. You can now give out the new address or even better, hyperlink it somewhere so visitors can go directly to that specific area on your site.

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