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Should you Learn PHP or ASP in 2011?

Building dynamic websites is an often complex task, and this is made even more confusing to those who are attempting to decide whether to learn either PHP or ASP – both of which have their own specific advantages. Thus, what is the answer to this mind boggling question and which one should in fact be learned in 2011?
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28th August 2011 1 Comments »
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PHP vs ASP: An in-depth Comparison

PHP (PHP Hypertext Preprocessor) and ASP (Active Server Pages) are the two most commonly used web development tools. These tools are used to generate content on the web server, thereby giving developers and website owners the ability to incorporate a variety of design techniques that will be compatible with the end-users computer and their particular software clients.
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Microsoft Windows Hosting vs. Open-source

Everybody knows Microsoft for its famous Windows operating system, a successful product line that has become a household name around the world. Not only is Windows installed in homes, but also in the offices of small, medium, and large enterprises, as well as an increasing number of web hosting data centers. Windows and other Microsoft products are now common in the network environment, forming the core for the hundreds of thousands of servers that help power the web. Ironically, the software innovator isn’t necessarily the dominant force in this industry because Microsoft has its hands full with the open-source market.
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13th May 2009 0 Comments »
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Pros and Cons of ASP.NET Hosting

Pros and Cons of ASP.NET Hosting

One of the toughest decisions you will ever make in life is where to host your website as well as the platform it runs on. The process is often time consuming and downright frustrating. Things get even more challenging when your plans call for creating a data-driven website with dynamic pages. When considering that there are a number of web hosting companies offering technologies that range from CGI and PHP to Perl and Ruby on Rails, you may find yourself utterly confused and scratching your head. Dynamic web development tools are widely available but in this article we will focus on the pros and cons of ASP.NET.
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Top 5 ASP Web Hosting

Top 5 ASP Web Hosting

ASP (Active Server Pages) hosting makes a great solution for many reasons. The programming language is very advanced and can provide functionality others simply can’t. However, in order to get the best from ASP, you need a Windows-based hosting plan. Why? Because ASP is a Microsoft technology suited for their equipment and network software. There are a few options for implementing ASP on Linux servers, but a smooth integration isn’t promised.
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Scripting Language Comparison Chart






Details A server-side scripting language that can also be executed from a command line interface or standalone program. A high-level interpreted programming language that supports object-orientated, interactive features for a web page. A high level interpreted programming language used to create dynamic web pages. A server-side scripting language created by Microsoft used to generate dynamic web pages. A dynamic, reflective programming language inspired by Perl.
Advantages • Open source
• Speed
• Multi-platform
• Ease of use
• Open source
• Very compatible
• Easy to use
• Very compatible
• Great for string processing
• Extensive support
• More advanced features
• Quick response
• Ease of use
• Highly advanced
• Very fast response
Disadvantages • Poor error handling
• Less secure than other languages
• Performance issues
• Limited documentation
• Less secure on Windows
• Requires installation
• More complex to learn
• More expensive than other languages
• Less compatible
• Less support
• More complex to learn and program
• Less control
This type of scripting language is right for you if… …you want to implement ecommerce tools, such as a shopping cart, into your website …your site requires high-level user interaction …if your site requires multi-media content …if your site requires high levels of interaction with users …you need to create dynamic site features and functionality with professional appeal