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Cloud Hosting vs Green Hosting

Cloud vs Green Hosting

In the web hosting industry there have been two major movements in recent years. One is the move toward being energy-efficient and offsetting electricity use with “Green” wind energy certificates. The other movement is cloud server technology which helps promote smoother, faster, and more reliable web hosting service. But can cloud hosting and green hosting be compatible? Which type of host should you choose when it comes to your web hosting?
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Green Web Hosting Trends for 2010

2010 Green Web Hosting Trend

Two trends are already evident in 2010: protecting the environment by reducing the ‘carbon footprint,’ and the growth of small to medium sized online businesses. As the world economy shows the first signs of recovery in two years, more businesses are forming and publishing company websites.

Many web hosting companies have taken the “green” movement by the horns and are offering certified wind energy certificates as their way of producing a neutral carbon footprint. With the popularity of green services, we are likely to see more businesses buying green web hosting services.
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Why Greenpeace is Launching a Red War against Traditional Web Hosting

Greenpeace is Launching a War against Web Hosting

Greenpeace, known for its advocacy in protecting earth’s natural resources, has won major environmental victories against coal plants, Clorox, Kimberly-Clark, McDonalds, and dozens of other corporations. Now it is hoping to do the same with the IT industry, triggering a greater focus on green web hosting in the midst of a cloud computing revolution.
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Going Over The Top Green

Going Over The Top Green

When thinking of the many industries that are considered highest in pollution, many think of steel, aluminum, and paper industries. As it turns out, the web hosting industry is among the highest, on course to overtake the airline industry as a major contender in global emissions by 2020. The outlook is not bright. However, two web hosting companies are doing what they can to change this with the purchase of carbon offsets.
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Top 5 Green Web Hosting

Top 5 Green Web Hosting

Every year, more companies make the transition to the green web hosting market, taking the initiatives needed to become environmentally responsible hosts. This includes complete newcomers as well as those that are already established in the industry. Every effort helps reverse the damage so if you want to make a contribution through your website, check out our top five green web hosting list.
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