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Why is HostMonster Considered the Best for Artists?

Hostmonster Artists Web Hosting

Artists from across the world are beginning to realize the benefits that having their own website can bring, as they look to make sales and also increase the amount of exposure they receive from the public eye. The problem is that many artists – in fact, many people – don’t have the knowledge needed to ensure that they pick the best hosting provider for them, which often leads to a website that has many problems, therefore their website is not as effective as it otherwise could be.
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What is the Different Between Bluehost and Hostmonster?

Bluehost and Hostmonster Difference

Whenever you read reviews or comparisons of popular web hosting companies, there is no doubt you will find both Hostmonster and Bluehost mentioned in the same top ten list. While these two companies are both worthy of their ranking, it comes as a surprise to most folks that the two seemingly separate hosts are actually founded by the same legendary web host guru, Matt Heaton.

Now the CEO of Bluehost will tell everyone that Bluehost and Hostmonster are owned by two separate companies. That may be true. However, the two companies are obviously joined at the hip and trace back to Mr. Heaton. Both have founding roots dating back to 1996, but Bluehost as a name was established in 2003, and Hostmonster in 2005.

Both companies utilize the same data center (3 of them) and use same employee and administrator resources. The companies do not own or operate the actual data centers, but own the equipment inside.

And if a website owner digs in and makes a full analysis of the plans offered by Bluehost and Hostmonster, he or she will find that the plans are virtually identical and offered at the same price, along with the same guarantees. And the support
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Hostmonster vs.

Hostmonster vs.

Owning and maintaining a commercial website is not easy. But wants to help make your task as easy as possible. Started in 1997 as a domain registration in England, Easyspace is now one of the biggest web hosting companies in the UK. With affordable shared-server hosting plans packed with features up to dedicated server plans even most small business can afford, Easyspace is certainly worth a look-see.
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Hostmonster vs.

Hostmonster vs.

When you choose your web hosting company, you don’t want to look at a long list of confusing features to add extras, like a cafeteria lunch tray. You want your host to take care of everything for you.
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Hostmonster vs. Rackspace Cloud

Hostmonster vs. Rackspace Cloud

Web hosting has become a sophisticated industry. With reliable shared server hosting now offered by most hosting companies, and the 21st century ‘cloud’ computing now in the web hosting arena, there are many choices for the website owner.
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Hostmonster vs. GoDaddy Mac OSX Cloud

Hostmonster vs. GoDaddy Mac OSX Cloud is an instantly recognizable name. Anyone who has watched a Superbowl in the last few years knows their clever ads, especially ones featuring racing star, Danica Patrick. But most people don’t know that Go Daddy offers cloud hosting, not just domain registration.
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