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Database Chart




Details The most widely used database management system. It is well suited for mission-critical systems and embedding into mass deployed software. An object-relational database system with many advanced features found in commercial products. A popular database management system used to create and maintain various applications that function on the Windows operating system.
Advantages -fast and efficient
-very scalable
-includes multi-user functions
– plenty of support
– stable and reliable
– cross platform
– reliable support
– integrates with several Microsoft products
– capable of porting to other database types
Disadvantages – lacks sub-selects
– lacks foreign key constraints
– lacks stored procedures
– limited in stored procedures
– lacks foreign key constraints
– doesn’t work well with multiple users
– doesn’t work well with multiple Access databases
– hosting may be more expensive
This type of Database is for you if… Your business requires a heavy load but you do not have a lot of money to invest into it. Your business consists of multiple users handling mission-critical tasks. Your business requires a powerful database that’s as easy to use as a Microsoft Office application.
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Web Hosting: Importance of the Database

mysql database

There are literally millions of sites operating on the internet as we speak, both for personal and business use. After purchasing service from a web host, many of us begin to build the site without any thought of how commands are executed, and how content is updated. The performance of your website yields when data is accessed determines how many, and just what database, your web hosting server is working with.
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