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Can You Trust Your Web Hosting Companies Refund Policy?

Hosting Companies Refund Policy

When you buy a web hosting plan there are a lot of issues at stake. With shared web hosting cheaper than ever, hosting companies are coming up with better deals to lure customers to purchase their plan. But web hosting can be a complicated and convoluted “bargain.”

One of the most attractive selling points of popular web hosting plans is the money back guarantee and the uptime guarantee. These guarantees make a nice promise, but do web hosts actually fulfill their promises with money back?

Take Note of What is Refundable

Not everything is refundable. For instance, many web hosts will “guarantee” an uptime of 99.9%, but make no promise of any money back if they don’t meet that promise.

Be sure you know before you buy the hosting plan what is refundable is the uptime is not met. Do you get a pro-rated amount of your monthly service fee? A fraction of a percent of a $6 monthly service fee is mere pennies. Be sure your host promises to refund at least a full month of service fee if their uptime goal is not met.

And as for total refund of a canceled plan, what do you get back? Be sure you understand what money you’ll see returned to you for canceling. Usually it only includes the service fees you have paid in advance, not including the months you have used. Other fees like set up charges, additional disk space, extra IP addresses, etc., are usually not refunded.

How is “Uptime” calculated?

When it comes to refund policies for uptime, how exactly is “uptime” calculated? Many web hosts will try to say that they must “average” 99.9% uptime over the previous rolling 12 month calendar. This gives them a hedged bet that they will meet the goal. Be sure your host counts each and every month individually for their uptime goal and that they publish their results.

What is the Refund Deadline?

If you were to ask for a cancellation refund what is the deadline? Most web hosts will clearly publish a “30 days” or “90 days” money back guarantee. If you want to ask for a refund, be sure you do it well within the specified time.

How Must the Refund be Requested?

In order to obtain your qualified refund from a web host, know how you must ask for it. Most web hosts will simply allow you to call their customer service and request that the account be closed and money be returned. However, others may ask that you submit a ticket, much like a technical help request, and it must be done in proper format and directed to the proper department.

Also, refunds requests must usually come from the official account holder. Not a designated employee or other third party.

Read the Small Print

The bottom line is read the small print. That means actually scrolling through the terms and conditions of a web hosting plan before you purchase it. Most reputable hosting companies will publish their T&C on their website. Find it. Read it. Know what you are getting into so you do not have any surprises when it comes to refunds.

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    24th May 2011
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