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Common Tricks and Cheats to Watch for from Some Cloud Hosting Companies

Cloud Hosting Trick Cheat and Scam

Cloud hosting is all the rage in the second decade of the 21st century. Major corporations like Netflix, the NY Times, and Nasdaq use cloud computing models to host their websites. But while cloud hosting offers many benefits such as reliable server access and high speeds, there are things to watch out for when you are looking to host your website with a cloud host.

Costs of Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is becoming more popular, and thus the costs for hosting through a cloud system continue to drop. However, the untrained new business owner who is looking for their first web host may think that cloud hosting is extremely affordable.

Why? Cloud hosting is usually charged by the hour. And when you look at a pricing structure that starts at just $0.05 per hour one might think cloud hosting is super cheap. However, that translates into about $37 per month for very basic hosting features. And just consider if your cloud computing needs increase to $0.10 per hour or even $0.50, your costs can skyrocket pretty quickly.

You’re in Full Control

One thing to be aware of with cloud hosting plans is that you are in full control of your server “space”. This is much like a VPS or dedicated hosting plan where you are responsible for downloading the software you plan to use with your site.

This can be tricky, especially for new users since most shared-hosting plans come fully integrated with account login software like cPanel or Parallel’s Plesk, and other supported scripting. These handy software applications allow users to control practically any aspect of their account, all included with the price of the plan.

You as a Cloud client can use these software controls, scripts, and software plugins, but you must download it and maintain it yourself.

Bandwidth “Caps”

Cloud hosting companies will typically allow you to choose how much internet bandwidth you think you will use in any given month. That means both incoming and outgoing bandwidth.

Cloud hosting providers will usually not put a “cap” on your bandwidth. And if you ever need the extra bandwidth due to high traffic, you can be assured that your website will still be available.

But know that cloud hosting will provide only your subscribed bandwidth before charging you an hourly fee for additional bandwidth. The extra charge will usually be deducted from your prepaid subscription balance. But know that if your balance ever dwindles to $0 you’re your cloud server site will most likely be shut down.

Security Control

Many firms find that they have less control over the security of their data with a cloud hosting account. Many companies may be a little uncomfortable trusting their sensitive data with a cloud computing host who is not very specific about their security techniques.

Be sure you trust your cloud host with security. Check with them before you buy to make sure they do their due diligence with the security of their clients’ data.

Cloud hosting can be a benefit for the right type of business website. But be sure you check with your potential host for the above considerations. Double check on price, bandwidth allowances, and especially security, and your cloud experience can be all it’s cracked up to be.

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