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How To Choose A Good Offshore Hosting Company

How to Choose Offshore Hosting

The economic downturn has forced numerous companies to shift their business aspects to safer havens, that is, to countries which are economically stronger and more stable and which has reliable network infrastructures. Offshore hosting, with the servers being physically located outside the country, is a type of private web hosting. The number of companies going for offshore hosting for their data are increasing because of the benefits it provides such as offshore domain name registration, support for various application development platforms, anonymous mailing and the likes, being a few.

Choosing an offshore web hosting company can be tedious because there are quite a few things to consider while making the choice. Also there are concerns regarding quality of service, data security and scams, which when overlooked can create problems for the client, ranging from troublesome (say if the severs are not crash proof and connectivity is slow) to dangerous (consider the case of a monetary fraud).

A client should look for certain features while selecting the offshore hosting company specifically:

  • Hardware: The web hosting company should have proper hardware, which basically translates to crash proof and reliable servers.
  • Security: Proper sheltering of data as well as up to date secures software protecting the servers.
  • Connectivity: Stable network and ISP providers to confirm ensure stable and speedy connectivity and avoid downtime.
  • Technical Support: Competent and qualified technical support preferably 24/7.
  • Cost: Affordability is a basic factor is deciding the offshore hosting plan a client should select.

However, this is also true that not all of these factors are available at the highest level at offshore web hosting companies. But still only the best should be chosen from the available web hosting companies. Why a business generating thousands of dollars would not invest in web hosting properly and lose customers to poor connectivity?

Offshore web hosting can have certain benefits that make it a tempting alternative to mainstream web hosting on private onshore servers:

  • Outsourcing data to offshore web hosting companies ensure that the data is safe from physical threats such as a fire or security threats like hackers as usually offshore web hosting sites have a high level of security.
  • It can be a cost effective solution, as the company itself need not invest on hardware or software.
  • Offshore web hosting has an added benefit of being outside of territorial jurisdictional laws. This cannot however be viewed as an incentive for indulging in hosting illegal content as serious issues and complaints are dealt with by the web hosting companies themselves even without client intervention.

Another very important aspect to be kept in mind is avoiding scams. Usually researching the backgrounds of companies, paying with credit card, as it is a comparatively secure method of transaction and staying clear of deals, which look like an ungodly bargain, scams can be avoided. Hence all such details need to be kept in mind while selecting a proper offshore hosting company out of the hundreds that exist.

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    13th December 2010
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