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How to Choose Hosting for the First Time Webmaster

First Time Webmaster Hosting

Finding the best web hosting company is absolutely essential for any online business, regardless of their size or scope. The web hosting company will essentially act as the gateway to your site and should they fail to live up to the promises that they make – or should you simply make the wrong choice – the consequences could be absolutely disastrous. This means that a lot of time and thought should be put into finding the best hosting company and that the questions listed below should be carefully answered.

Allotted Space

The first question to ask is the amount of space each provider is willing to provide you on their server. This will differ with each company and also with each package that individual companies provide. It is vital that the correct amount of space is gained, as otherwise, in layman’s terms, the site won’t fit in the allocated space. Think of it this way – you wouldn’t buy a garage that your car didn’t fit in, so why buy server space if you can’t get the whole site onto it? It is also important to gauge the expansion of your site and to ensure that the server space is large enough to accommodate this.


Reliability is also extremely important, as if the server goes down then nobody will be able to access your site – something that will lead to a business losing lots of money and also often losing the loyalty of its customers. Most of the leading web hosting providers will guarantee 99.9% up time, so this means that you will have to use other methods to distinguish them from each other in this respect. The best way is to go online, read web hosting reviews, and discuss the matter with business colleagues. These steps will allow you to gauge other peoples’ opinions of the different hosting providers. This is also the same for the speed that the host provides – slow speeds will frustrate browsers, meaning that they click off the site before buying anything.

FTP Access

FTP access is also incredibly important when choosing a hosting provider, as without this you will not be able to upload new pages in a proficient matter, nor the way that you may desire. If you are only setting up your first site then you will find the web builders that the hosts provide to be very useful, but as you progress you will need more and more FTP access to ensure the expansion of your site. Therefore, even if you don’t think that you need FTP access straight away, it is a good idea to have it for the future.

Customer Support

The final aspect that every person should consider when looking for a web host is the amount of support that they offer. Setting up a website on a server can be a tricky business for those that have no experience, meaning that it is vitally important to have someone there to guide you through the process. The better the technical support, the more you will pay, but this could in fact be money that is very well spent.

When all of these factors are taken into account you should have the information needed to pick the best web host for you. Don’t rush into the decision though – an incorrect choice could be costly for both you and your business.

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    1st September 2011
    Posted by Web Hosting Consultant in tips

    One Response to “How to Choose Hosting for the First Time Webmaster”

    1. Bob Kidman says:

      The important thing really is the customer service – is it 24/7 and is it with real people in real time – user guides are often based at best and it can be frustrating to continuously be directed to them without the human touch.

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