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Is Cloud Hosting Good for a Photography Website?

Cloud Hosting and Photography Website

Cloud Hosting is a method of web hosting that benefits many different types of sites. With the ability to dynamically expand and contract server resources to meet the traffic related needs of your site, in addition to a limitless amount of storage capacity, it is a perfect solution for photography websites.

Unlimited Storage Capacity

Being that the unique internal workings of cloud hosting is that it allows for the network to dynamically spread the data load between various servers as your needs increase, the storage capacity for your photographs are virtually unlimited. Unparalleled when compared to other web hosting environments, this feature allows you the ability to create a site beyond imagination storing literally thousands of high resolution photographs that truly showcases your artistic talent and share your portfolio. Unlimited storage space is the backbone of any photography site whether you’re a novice photographer or a own a professional photography company.

Unlimited Bandwidth

Of course unlimited storage space means nothing if your target audience you intend on viewing your work can’t get connected to your site. Cloud hosting is the perfect solution to resolve this issue. Usually a photography website requires tremendous amounts of bandwidth to allow for multiple users to download photographs simultaneously.

Cloud hosting also has the ability to expand the scope of your site based on traffic levels, especially during peak hours. The process allows your site to remain on-line to users even at the height of traffic flow by again significantly increasing the number of servers distributing the stress, which increases the available bandwidth. This process is known as inherent redundancy. It’s an attractive benefit of cloud hosting as multiple servers are used, and in case of a single server outage, the network re-routes data to the other available servers. Thus, this “cloud” of servers, reacts dynamically to virtually any imaginable situation, making for the most reliable of web hosting platforms.

Options Available

The possibilities are endless when you choose a cloud hosting solution. The choice of virtually any software suites is available for you to utilize, allowing you to be as creative with the site as you are with your photographs. Whether your site is focused on highlighting your own work or a site dedicated to showing and sharing the work of other artists, the possibilities are almost endless.


It’s a common misconception that cloud hosting is more expensive than shared hosting, however, in many cases the exact opposite is true. In fact cloud hosting allows you to pay-as-you-grow, and pay only for the service hours that you use. Obviously, pricing plans vary from web host to web host, but with plans beginning at $3.99 a month, cost efficiency is definitely another huge benefit of cloud hosting. Depending on which options and services your site requires determines your ultimate price but there is definitely a pricing plan that meets almost any budget. The affordability is a huge advantage of cloud hosting.


Cloud hosting is a dynamic platform that is the ideal solution for various types of websites. A site with a focus on photography is just one of many applicable uses for the cutting-edge technology. Web hosting expands as your portfolio and traffic grow and provides reliable service to ensure at least a 99.9% guaranteed network uptime to keep your site on-line even during peak hours. Before making a final decision, compare web host providers, plans and prices to make an informed choice to host your photography website.

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