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Is Opencart an Easy Application?

Is Opencart Easy?

If you are trying to maintain your own website and want to sell a wide range of products, you are bound to be looking for an easy shopping cart solution. Unfortunately, ecommerce solutions such as Magento can leave you feeling frustrated as you try to work your way through a wide range of confusing options. This is just one of many reasons why a number of web masters and web designers are paying more attention to Opencart.

Best Features of Opencart

  • Capable of accepting multiple currencies and languages. If you are planning on offering goods around the world, you are sure to appreciate being able to accept different currencies. That said, you will still need to make sure that your merchant processor or payment gateway will also accept currencies different from your native one.
  • May templates to choose from and customize. Unlike many other shopping cart solutions, you can choose from a number of appealing templates, as well as customize them to match the appearance of other parts of your website.
  • Discount and Coupon System. If you want to offer special incentives for new customers or existing ones, you will find it very easy to generate web coupons and other discounting solutions that will adjust the prices in each shopping cart.
  • Establish shipping weights and costs
  • Easily organize items by category and manufacturer
  • Multiple tax rates. This is ideal for managing sales tax, as well as other taxes that may have to be accounted for on items that will be shipped overseas.

Some Things to Consider When Using Open Cart

Even though the basic download for Opencart is free, there are a number of extensions that you may need in order to create a complete solution for your website. In most cases, you will need to pay a fee for these extensions. In addition, if you are not accustomed to customizing shopping cart solutions, you may have difficulties setting up Opencart. As with other solutions, you might be better served by allowing a professional web designer take care of this for you. During that process, you should also make sure that the designer takes care of any security features that may need to be addressed.

Deciding if Opencart is the Best for Your Site

As with so many other things, Opencart may be better for some websites than others. If you are going to market items internationally, then you are sure to appreciate a cart that can accept different currencies and languages. On the other hand, if you need a solution with advanced market tracking or complex inventories, then another solution may be better for your site.

If you are looking for a cheap, relatively simple ecommerce solution, then Opencart may be your best choice. That said, you should still take plenty of time to learn about all of its features before trying to customize your cart. It will also be of immense benefit to look for a web designer that has experience with installing Opencart so that you can provide a safe environment for your customers and their data.

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    4th December 2011
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