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The Secrets of Unlimited Bandwidth

Truth About Unlimited Bandwidth

Bandwidth and disk space are they key in any good web hosting service. The disk space is the amount of memory that you are allowed to use in making your website. The bandwidth is the rate at which you can transfer the information from your web server straight to the user’s browser. The more bandwidth you have, the faster your website will be, not to mention be able to transfer larger files. It also lets you have more design and graphical content on your page which can attract more visitors. The bandwidth and the disk space are the two biggest things that you actually pay for when buying a web hosting plan.

You are about to discover the truth about unlimited bandwidth and everything that goes along with it. The way that information travels is through optic fiber, cable, or cable wire, all of which have information limitations. Disk drives and bandwidth also have limitations of how much information they can actually carry. You can obviously see the appeal to a plan that claims to be unlimited, as you would never have to worry about memory of information limitations ever again. Sadly, the fact is that no web hosting service can actually provide you unlimited bandwidth or disk space. There is no way for any dick space to hold an unlimited amount of information, and the same goes for bandwidth. Eventually, you will run out of space no matter how “unlimited” you think your bandwidth is.

The truth about unlimited bandwidth can sometimes surprise people. The reason that these web hosting websites are able to offer you a so called unlimited plan is that most websites don’t use that much information. The average website will never come close to using all of its bandwidth or disk space. Small websites could safely purchase an unlimited plan as they won’t come close to using all the bandwidth. Unlimited plans often come with restrictions such as no audio or video files. The reasoning behind this is that audio and video files take up large amounts of bandwidth so web hosts don’t want to have to spend more money to add space to your bandwidth. This is a key factor in deciding if an unlimited plan is right for you. If you plan to run a website that has lots of audio or video files you should plan out ahead of time how much bandwidth you think you’ll need.

This is the truth behind unlimited bandwidth. Ironically, if you plan on needing significant amounts of bandwidth or you plan on expanding, your best bet is to avoid unlimited plans. Fees could increase and you could even run into problems with performance if you have an unlimited plan and you grow beyond its reach. The best plan of action is to try and predict how much bandwidth you’ll need and then double it to allow for expansion. If you do this you won’t have to worry about outgrowing these so called unlimited plans.

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    19th October 2011
    Posted by Web Hosting Consultant in tips

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