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The Shady Business Of Paid WordPress Themes Given Out For Free

Shady WordPress Theme

Any blogger worth their salt knows about the great value of WordPress. WordPress has revolutionized the power of blogging and changed the world. Blogger site owners love it’s interface and services however they also like to customize them. This where the subject of WordPress themes come into play.

These WordPress themes are designed to fit the theme of a specific WordPress blog. For example if one has a WordPress blog focusing on sea life, you’ll need a theme that has fish and the ocean and the like. If your blog is about pets you’ll need artwork and photos, graphics etc. that features dogs, cats, and other pets. Many of these themes are just spectacular and you’ll find contests surrounding WordPress themes. You’ll find many WordPress theme designers having large fan bases, forums and more. These designers punch out massive amounts of designs that the public often can get for free. However, some are paid designs and to use them you’ll need to pay a fee.

Malware Infected

Figure 1 : Some shady WordPress theme will cause your website vulnerable to be hacked / infected by any kind of malware including iframe

All that’s good considering some of these designs are worthy of a fee. The big issue we’re talking about here is how some underhanded people offer paid WordPress themes for free. These individuals are ruining the livelihoods of hard working programmers and graphic artists who go to great lengths to design operational and beautiful themes. These themes come from trustworthy and award winning designers who don’t charge much for the theme. When someone takes that theme and offers it for free they’re committing a crime. They undermine the very purpose of commerce and diminish the industries as a whole.

The unsuspecting blogger then gets the theme they think is for free only to find out later they’ve become part of a scam. Fortunately the designers of these themes know the scam is going on and work with the blog owners who are honest and then go after the true perpetrators who are easy to find once the blog owner cooperates.

Hopefully one day these practices will end and we’ll be back to some great themes and happy designers.

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28th December 2011
Posted by Web Hosting Consultant in tips

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