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Why is HostMonster Considered the Best for Artists?

Hostmonster Artists Web Hosting

Artists from across the world are beginning to realize the benefits that having their own website can bring, as they look to make sales and also increase the amount of exposure they receive from the public eye. The problem is that many artists – in fact, many people – don’t have the knowledge needed to ensure that they pick the best hosting provider for them, which often leads to a website that has many problems, therefore their website is not as effective as it otherwise could be.

Luckily, there is one hosting company that is used by a expansive number of artists and has gained itself a reputation as being the best for this particular type of website. The web hosting provider is called HostMonster and they have been around for about 15 years, all the while providing top notch service to all those that choose to use their hosting. So, what are the reasons why so many artists choose to use HostMonster as their host of choice? Read on to find out.

Unlimited Everything!

HostMonster are one of the only companies that offer unlimited space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited e-mail accounts and the chance to host an unlimited amount of domains! This is perfect for artists as it allows them to create multiple websites at no extra cost, meaning that they can showcase different collections or styles of work individually. It also means that a lot of money is saved – something that everyone is looking to do in these tough economic climates!

Free Site Building Tools

The world of web design and art are quite similar, in that they both rely on a flair for creativity and an eye for what looks good. However, the difference is that building a website needs a certain amount of technical skill as well; technical skill that often takes a number of years to learn. This means that the site building tools that are offered by HostMonster will save a lot of time and frustration – as well as ensure that the artist ends up with a completely professional looking site!

Free Credit for Google Ads

Advertising is the key for whatever online industry someone is in, and this is no different when it comes to the world of art. Upon signing up for an account with HostMoster, you will be presented with $75 of Google Adwords credits, which allows you to advertise for free on Google until the credits run out. This is perfect as it will allow you to gauge the effectiveness of any marketing strategies and helps to decide whether you will continue using them. Most people are amazed at the revenue advertising on Google can bring in, so most keep on paying after the free credits have expired!


Nearly all hosting companies have a control panel, which is basically the way in which various elements of the site are controlled. Many control panels can be very confusing and therefore not suitable for those without some kind of experience. This is not the case with HostMonster though, as their control panel is intuitive and easy to use – something that a novice webmaster will find extremely useful!

As you may see, there are a number of reasons why artists choose to use HostMonster over any other service. Not only does it offer the above features, but it also has much more – just check them out if you need any more proof as to their excellent services!

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    17th September 2011
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