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Why the “Best Hosting” Preferred by your Friend Might Not Be Right for You

Your Best Hosting

There are a tremendous amount of different hosting companies out there, meaning that the decision regarding which one to go with can often be a tough choice. Despite knowing that they should research and investigate the different providers, many people simply make their selection on the basis that a friend uses the company and can recommend them – something that can often lead to trouble in both the short and long term. Therefore, why should this way of choosing a hosting company be avoided and how instead should people go about the task?

Why Should You Do Your Own Research?

To answer the first question first, the reason why blindly following a friend’s recommendation is a bad idea is simple – every website is different and what works for them might not work for you. Their website will be a different size, have a different amount of daily visitors, get updated a different amount of times each week, it may require different support for programming languages and databases, and so on. This means that the criteria they used to pick their web host will be completely different to yours and that following their recommendation could mean that you miss out on some vital features that you need – something that will make your site a lot less effective than it could otherwise be.

The best example of this would be the amount of space that a web host provides. Your friend’s site could be a small one for their own personal interest – a site that has five pages and no e-commerce at all. This would mean that they only need a web host that gives them a small amount of space and therefore can charge a small amount of money. You, on the other hand, might have aspirations of building a 100 page site with all the bells and whistles, which would mean needing a lot more space. Imagine how angry you would be if you found out that, after signing up, you couldn’t put everything on the server that you wanted to? Some prior investigation would have stopped this from happening…

What to Look for in a Host

The question now beckons, what should you do instead of listening to your friends? Well, the simple answer is write down all of the different factors that you will need from a web host and then get out there and research. Read web host review websites, size up each host by looking for the space they provide, the bandwidth allowance, the reliability of the provider and all other factors. Once you have read reviews, and compared the web host providers, you will be in a position to decide upon the best provider for you! You never know, in a year’s time you might be the one making recommendations to other people about which hosting company to use!

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