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Why you should avoid using shared hosting for big forum website

Shared Hosting and Big Forum Site

We all like to have our websites up and running and secure. Finding the right hosting is the most important factor because without such reliability you’re in for big trouble. That’s why the question of shared hosting comes into play. You should be concerned with why you should avoid shared hosting if you run a big forum website.

Your big forum is a money maker. There are people and companies making incredible amounts of money, millions and tens of millions of dollars in fact with their own forums. Some people make entire careers out of both working and posting on forums. One forum, successful, can generate dozens of jobs at the forum alone as well as thousands of jobs if not more ancilliary. One good forum is like having a company all to its own or even a community which many are with tens of thousands of members.

Overload Spike

Figure 1 : Example of overload control under a massive load spike

Hosting such a big forum calls for the ability to handle lots of traffic and that means bandwidth, efficiency and security.

Website hosting then comes into play as you’ll want a hosting company that can take the beating and provide top service year round. Some major hosting companies offer shared hosting which is not what you want when you’re running a huge site like a big forum. It’s okay if you have lots of websites that are just for viewing and ordering goods or reading data, but a forum calls for more than that. You’re talking a venue that is open 24/7 and there’s no telling what can happen. A member could be on the verge of converting a greater business deal or bringing in thousands of new members. You can’t afford for your forum to go down because your hosting solution isn’t stable. One mistake and you could lose tons of money and members.

With shared hosting your website and forum are on the same server as dozens, perhaps thousands of others. Should one of those sites get compromised, should the server get compromised you’re talking a lot of trouble as it would take who knows how long to go through the entire architecture of the server to find out where the trouble started and how to resolve it fast. There have been major incidents that have hit the news were super popular forums have gone down on shared hosting accounts and chaos ensued. So the best option, the safe option is to get your site hosted on your own server. It then calls for any problems to be addressed directly to the forum itself. If someone compromises an account it can be found quick. If a troublemaker shows up they can be dealt with quickly.

Think of it as like having your store at a mall or in it’s own building. If a problem arises at a mall like a fire or infestation it could affect everyone’s store and your own. It would be like pulling teeth to get to the bottom of the problem. With your own server hosting your forum you can cut down on potential problems and major liability.

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