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Advanced Business Hosting Now Being Offered By Verio

Verio Advanced Hosting

Catering specifically to the small business sect, Verio Inc. recently announced the start of its new Advanced Business Hosting. Verio is known for providing online service solutions such as web hosting, SaaS (Software as a Service) and hosted applications. The new service, designed to provide hosting at the enterprise level at a small business price, gives small businesses a well-performing and reliable product. With the economy being in a slump, many small businesses are looking for more bang for their dollar. The latest addition by Verio is providing exactly what they need.

The benefits

With Advanced Business Hosting, customers can look forward to a variety of benefits. If you find your business is growing, Verio’s service is designed to grow with you. This effectively eliminates the need to switch up to a different plan with each business growth spurt. The hosting services comes with a choice of either Windows or Linux operating systems and includes an easy to use control panel, tools for web site design, marketing software and much more. Each account allows for multiple domain hosting and more than one website instance – all of which can be easily managed within the control panel.

Security was also foremost in Verio’s creation of this new hosting plan as every account has access to secure applications and email and is constantly updated with the latest security patches. All hosted accounts are securely monitored as well. Verio didn’t skimp on reliability either. The service is designed specifically to keep draining resources such as high traffic, massive emails or a database that has become inoperable away from the actual website. These benefits are clearly a step beyond the standard small business plan offered by many other hosting companies.

The cost

Verio’s Advanced Business Hosting is split into three different plans all set at very reasonable prices – each created with different levels of business needs in mind. For those businesses requiring a very simple setup, Verio offers its Foundation Web account at $9.95 a month. This plan includes private email and server space and allows for up to 4 web sites. For those businesses needing a bit more in resources and e-commerce and multimedia solutions, the company offers the Professional Web account for $29.95 a month. Lastly, if your business requires the maximum in email, server and database resources, Verio offers its Advanced Web account at $84.95 a month. No matter what your small business requires in as far as hosting and resources, Verio has a hosting plan to fit just right.


Having put its finger directly on what would help get small businesses up and running on the web, it’s no small wonder that Verio Inc. has been honored by many coveted web hosting awards. The Advanced Business Hosting service is easily scalable, secure, and reliable. These are features that benefit every small business. Verio has gone beyond the norm by providing small business with a hosting plan that treats them like big business.

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