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AIT Combines Enterprise Hosting With Marketing Solution

AIT Combines Enterprise Hosting With Marketing Solution

A big player in the web hosting and services business for over fourteen years, AIT recently unveiled its newest promotion. The company is now offering rather large discounts on its Enterprise hosting and Email Marketer Pro products for those who purchase dedicated hosting via the Enterprise server line. This current promotion is good through to the end of October, 2009. AIT has effectively combined two great business products into one solution and allowed businesses to save a bit of change in the process.

Enterprise Hosting Accounts

Customers who sign up with an Enterprise hosting account will be treated to unlimited data transfer and email accounts, a choice of either Linux or Windows as an operating system, and the ability to host multiple domains. All accounts are e-commerce ready and come equipped with a shopping cart.

Newly signed up hosting customers can look forward to receiving a $500 credit to be used toward tyBit advertising. SMT control panel is available for administration of the account and web analytics have been enabled. Support for Enterprise hosting accounts is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. The Enterprise hosting solution clearly is an excellent choice for any business’ online needs.

Email Marketer Pro Solution

The Email Marketer Pro solution offered by AIT is software designed to handle email marketing and auto responding neatly and on the customers browser. Customers can opt to build their campaigns using the available builder or use one of over 35 professionally designed templates to manually create them. Customers can personalize their campaigns with specific contact details, giving each email that “personalized touch.”

Contacts are all easily accessible in one web-based interface and can be imported from any existing contact list (CRM, email or database) by simply pointing and clicking. Among many other features included with this solution is the ability to track the success rate of a campaign. Click-thru rates and detailed campaign reports and statistics are all available at a glance.

Combining the two

Upon purchasing an Enterprise hosting solution, AIT gives its customers a 10% discount on their Email Marketer Pro solution. Combining both the Enterprise hosting account with the Email Marketer Pro solution gives companies the ability to incorporate ad campaigns and customer contact tasks into their already existing hosting solution. Basically, this creates a one-stop solution and cuts down on extra expenditures that would normally go into manually attending to such tasks.

One possible downside

Unfortunately, there are some nefarious companies out there who may pounce on this opportunity in an effort to send massive unsolicited email or spam. A possible deterrent to this practice is the fact that AIT has combined this service with a hosting package. Having the additional expense of a hosting account may prove to be effective enough in keeping illegal spamming at bay.


AIT has proven itself to be an innovative hosting company. The combination of two great business services into one neat package and with reduced pricing is an excellent promotion sure to bring in more customers and keep AIT at the top of its game.

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15th October 2009
Posted by Web Hosting Consultant in Web Hosting News

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