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Fotobounce Joins Forces with 1&1, the Largest Web Hosting Service on the Globe

Fotobounce Joins Forces with 1&1

Fotobounce, a digital photo organization and sharing software company has announced the addition of a new partner. They have joined forces with the largest web hosting service on the planet, 1&1 Internet, Inc.

Fotobounce, founded by Applied Recognition, Inc., is a patent-pending, technologically advanced software program that utilizes a form of the still relatively new technology of face recognition to help program users quickly and easily find their digital photos, organize them, create photo albums and share them online with whomever they wish.

Applied Recognition, Inc. was founded in 2005. They are a company taking software to the next level by developing sophisticated applications and getting them out into the market, ensuring rapid use by a multitude of customers and expansive adoption of their programs. This also has led to much opportunity for both software sales and advertiser marketing.

1&1 is part of United Internet a public global company with a market value of $3 billion dollars. They are the largest web hosting company in the world, having nine million customers and continuing to grow.


As a benefit of this new partnership, 1&1 will now be able to provide their customers with a free version of the Fotobounce software. An easy-to-use, yet highly advanced photo storage and sharing system, this is just another great way for 1&1 to give its customers more value and more resources for their dollars. This free version is a great opportunity for 1&1 customers, saving them $49 off of the cost of the normal software licensing fee.


Fotobounce is way ahead of other photo management software. While other programs are robust and offer a high level of quality, none of them use the facial recognition technology of the Fotobounce program. This technology allows users to quickly and easily, not to mention accurately, use keywords to identify and find their digital photos.

Another plus is that Fotobounce is not internet-based software. Users will not have to upload and store their photos online. Users get faster performance, enjoyability, and complete privacy. It is a desktop software application that runs on Windows XP and Vista or for MAC users, Apple OSX 10.5.

The Software

Fotobounce software makes organizing and sharing photos not only simple and easy, but lots of fun too. Facial recognition technology saves time by allowing users to upload and import their photos . Once you start tagging the photos, the software learns the faces and quickly recognize the people, cutting down on the time spent individually naming the pictures. Alongside the automated facial recognition software is integration with both Facebook and Flickr and the Fotomobile program, which lets users browse and share their photo libraries anytime, anywhere using their Blackberry, iPhone or iPad Touch.

Digital photography and photo sharing has become more and more popular, all over the internet, especially on social networking sites. There is a broad market for the technology and the partnership between Fotobounce and 1&1 serves to expand that market, an excellent benefit for both companies.

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